Take advantage of clubs’ free access to mental health and wellbeing platform

June 23, 2021 | by Chris Boyd


Member clubs should look out in their inbox today for a free link to the BelievePerform mental health and wellbeing platform.

In February 2021, England Boxing launched the initiative in partnership with the highly-respected online provider, which has been providing mental health and wellbeing resources to the sports community for the last eight years.

It provides coaches, athletes and parents with a number of practical and applied tools to not only upskill themselves within the area of mental health, but to also support people to build positive mental health habits.

The wealth of content including online courses, training plans, downloadable resources and infographics.

“We are proud to launch a partnership with England Boxing to support their members with access to a range of mental health resources including courses, infographics and short training plans,” said Adam Morris, Managing Director of BelievePerform.

“We could not be more proud to be working with them to increase the proactivity and awareness around positive mental wellbeing and to work towards reducing the stigma sometimes attached to mental health.”

Each club will have one free licence to access the platform and, should additional members wish to sign up to the platform, the annual fee is discounted to £25.

Below is an infographic on how to look after you mental health as lockdown eases – an example of the content to be found on the platform.