The England Boxing Title Belts were reintroduced in the early part of 2019 to give boxers more competitive opportunities from across different levels and abilities.

Belts can be contested at a Regional, Area or National level, ensuring boxers have a chance to compete against opponents of an appropriate standard.

Currently, Title Belts are contested at the Elite and Youth levels. You can find out more about the competition in by viewing the Title Belts Q&A.

You can also view in full the competition’s rules and regulations.

Please note: England Boxing Title Belts have been temporarily halted and will be reinstated in due course.

How it works

Each region has been commissioned to manage its own Regional Title Belt system. These Regional Title Belts feed into the Area Title Belts, which are managed by England Boxing, along with the National Title Belts.

The Northern Area Title Belts consists of (1) Merseyside & Cheshire, (2) North West, (3) Tyne Tees & Wear and (4) Yorkshire. The Central Area Title Belts are contested between (1) East Midlands, (2) Eastern Counties, (3) Home Counties and (4) Midland Counties and, finally, the Southern Area Title Belts are between (1) London, (2) Southern Counties, (3) Western Counties and (4) UK Armed Forces.

If a boxer is a Regional Title Belt holder and they become the Area Title Belt holder, they automatically forfeit their Regional Title Belt. The Area Title Belt holder must defend their Belt in a certain order named above 1-4.

As a reminder, only the three Area Title Belt holders are able to compete for the National Title Belts.

Title belt defences

The National Title Belt holder must offer defences to Area Belt holders. Please note, however, that if an Area Belt holder from one area unsuccessfully challenges, they must wait until other Area Belt Holders have had the opportunity to put in their own challenge before they can challenge again.

For example, if a Northern Area Belt holder challenges for the National Title Belt but loses, another challenge can only be made once the Central and Southern Area belt holders have mounted their own respective challenges.

Current title belt holders

A list of current title belt holders, as of March 2020, are detailed below.


Male Youth
49 Vacant Vacant Vacent Uzair Maqbool ELBA
52 Cameron Paul Pinewood St. Vacant Kyle Quinn Hoddesdon Vacant
56 Jawaid Iilyas Hoddesdon Vacant Alex Head Hoddesdon Billy Adams Dagenhan
60 Vacant Joe McGuiness Egans Sonny Hardy Chavledon Vacant
64 Huey Malone CTK Vacant Morgan  Towner Attelborough Joel Garrett Avalon
69 Joshua Sholoye Hoddeson Stephen Clarke Rotunda Sam King Hoddesdon Vacant
75 John Hedges Hoddeson Chirsty Collins Next Gen Danny Steele Epic GG Vacant
81 Josh Martin Stoke Staffs Vacant Vacent Vacant
86 Tino Belliot Dale Youth Vacant Vacent Vacant
91 Vacant Vacant Vacent Vacant
91+ Vacant Vacant Vacent Vacant
Female Youth
48 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
51 Savannah Stubley Empire Vacant Vacant Vacant
54 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
57 ShaseenDutton Salisbury Vacant Megan Morris Stives Vacant
60 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
64 Jessica Pattison Alnwick Vacant Vacant Vacant
69 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
75 Vacant Vacant Eleanor Coulson X-Box Vacant
81 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
81+ Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Male Elite 
49 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
52 Lucas Dube No Limits Frazer Morgan Chesterfield Connor Daly Islington
56 Nico Leivars Hoddesdon Vacant Vacant Sharim Khan Army
60 Cain Morris Leigh Vacant Fariz Abid Hoddesdon Ross Driscoll Finchley
64 Louie O Doherty Essex Uni Vlad Matai Sheffield BC Vacant Saqib Khan Repton
69 Ivan Duniak Rotunda Casey Brown Phoenix Fire Rio Gordon Harwich Slav Gegic Islington
75 Brad Goldsmith Triumph Reece Farnhill Sandygate Andrei Dasculu Stonebridge
81 Omar Augustine Earlsfield Vacant Vacant Vacant
86 Mali Wright Tigers Alan Johnson JC Vacant Jack Daly ELBA
91 Thomas Pogson Imps Vacant Traie Duberry Aston Macormack Farrell Royal Navy
91+ Gideon Antwi Hoddesdon Vacant Vacant Harvey Dykes Moulsecombe
Female Elite
48 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
51 Stevie Pitts Elcocks Vacant Vacant Monika Markowska Jersey Leonis
54 Jay Dujon Repton Vacant Vacant Keira Mole Army
57 Vacant Vacant Nina Hughes CSM Vacant
60 Kirsty Hill Cleethorpes Vacant Vacant Kamille Poskauskyte Harrow
64 Vacant Vacant Vacant Sophie Coleborne RNavy
69 Lucy Kisielewska Eastbourne Vacant Vacant Vacant
75 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
81 Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
81+ Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant

Title belt results

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Please click to view a list of the Title Belts bouts in 2019-20 (January to March).

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