The Level 1 Coaching Refresher Training is for all Level 1 Coaches who have completed their Level 1 more than three years ago.

This ensures that England Boxing-affiliated coaches’ training remains relevant and up to date.

Following Covid-19 lockdowns, courses are being run on an online basis, rather than face-to-face, as was the case previously, making it easier for people to attend.

Any queries should be directed to

Can I still coach as a Level 1 Coach without completing the Level 1 Coaching Refresher Training?

Due to Covid-19, there is a period of until May 2022, during which all Level 1 Coaches that require a refresher are to complete the training.

Following this period, and prior to the new season, any coach that is out of the three-year cycle, will not be granted an accreditation lanyard until they have completed the mandated training.

When Level 1 Coaches need to complete refresher training by

A Level 1 Coach should complete refresher training within six months prior his or her three year expiry and three months following the expiry. Any Level 1 Coaching Course prior to 2019 will be required to attend a full Level 1 coaching course.

Following this period, all Level 1 Coaches are to keep their training up to date.  The Refresher training lasts for three years.

Who can attend Level 1 refresher training 

Coaches cannot attend the Level 1 Refresher Training until all of the below criteria is met:

  • The coach is a registered as a member of an England Boxing-affiliated club and holds a Level 1 Coaching lanyard.
  • The coach has an in-date Safeguarding and First Aid certificate that is recorded on the England Boxing Vault
  • The coach has a valid DBS certificate that is recorded on the England Boxing National Database and is on the England Boxing Vault.

Where and when Level 1 refresher training is held

Courses are online, so you can attend one from anywhere in the country. All courses are advertised below, until they become fully booked.


All courses are £40 and run over one day. Payment must be made at the time of booking via debit or credit card, payment will secure the delegates place on the course.

The delegate will receive a payment confirmation email after booking. Pre course information will then be sent from England Boxing within 72 hours of the start of the course.

If you need to cancel or change your course booking

England Boxing ask that seven days notice is given, in writing, if a participant is no longer able to attend a course. A refund or transfer to another course can then be arranged.

Cancellations/Transfers required after the seven days notice period are only accepted should there be a change in the participants health/medical circumstances. A medical note/written evidence will be required in order for this to be processed.

Please put all cancellation requests in writing to

Course timings

The course will run online over three hours, unless otherwise stated.

Once you have passed

Please note that upon successfully completing the Level 1 Refresher Training, you will only receive a Level 1 Refresher Training certificate if the following is completed.

  • Registration as a member of an England Boxing-affiliated club and holding the current season’s Level 1 Coaching lanyard
  • Having an in-date Safeguarding and First Aid certificate on The Vault
  • Having a valid DBS certificate that is recorded on the national database and is on The Vault.

Upcoming courses and how to book

You can find the current level one coaching refresher courses available detailed below, and you can also search for them by postcode in our course finder.

You can book a course by click on the relevant course and clicking on the booking link in the column on the right hand side, or by using the button at the bottom of this page.

Delegates can book onto any course in any region.