The England Boxing Board of Directors takes responsibility for targets and delivery of the Whole Sport Plan.

It is also responsible for financial management, commercial explanation, development of corporate identity, reputation and media profile, overview of rules and regulations, sports administration and development.

The Board sets England Boxing’s annual budget and is responsible for the sport’s long term financial stability.

England Boxing follows the Sport Governance code.

Read more about England Boxing’s strategy.

The England Boxing Board

Chair – Caspar Hobbs; Deputy Chair – TBC; Liz Norris, Giorgio Brugnoli; Darren Chapple; Michael Loosemoore; Alkit Patel; Micky Norford; Hilary Lissenden; Lawrence Selby; Gerry Willmott; Felicity Barnard; Mehul Kapadia.


England Boxing’s sub-committees monitor and advise on a range of areas.

Volunteers sit on each sub-committee, and are expected to attend quarterly meetings.

The roles are voluntary with expenses paid.

Sub-committee Chair Members


Mike Loosemore Alastair Wilcockson
Najib Ahmed
Ross Walker
Peter Cannon
Andrew Hogg
Charlotte Elliot


Alkit Patel Darren Chapple
Liz Norris
Technical,  Rules and Officials 


Giorgio Brugnoli Michael Norford
Terri Kelly
Richard Cawthorne
Nathan Pearce
Phil Hattan
Mike Hemming


Hilary Lissenden
Ivan Cobb
Chris Daly
Jon Dennis
Chris Porter
Cliff Morrison
Brian Hinkley
Rachel Bower
John Warburton
Yaqoob Hussain – Consultant to the Subcommittee
Clubs, Membership and Development


Liz Norris
Stefan Ferencz
Steve Flynn
Sarah Dunne
John Murray
Paul Bainbridge
Barry Jones MBE



Compliance, Legal and HR


Lawrence Selby
Mark Jordan
Ryan Adams
Annie Davis
Stefania Lobina
Mark Ives
Jane Aldred






Darren Chapple Alex Stacy
Rachel Bayley
Balal Virasami
Ryan Vickers
Communications Mehul Kapadia
Lee Murgatroyd
Hilary Lissenden
Championships Michael Norford
Gerry Wilmott (Deputy Chair)
Louise Gibbs
Jerome Xavier
Ian Ireland
Danny Lynch
Katie Skipper
Title Belts:
Damian Ridpath – North
Chris Roberts – Central
Brian John – South