Since implementation of AIBA rules on 1st January 2014, any person with previous individual combat sport experience wishing to join England Boxing (as a boxer), was required to seek clearance, via the National Federation, from AIBA.

AIBA have now confirmed that the request to register athlete applications is no longer required to be approved by them.

Please see below process to follow and the relevant form for your Association to use in order to request clearance for membership.

Click to review the process for requesting clearance in flowchart format and to download a request to register an athlete form (to be completed by the athlete and his or her association).

The process

The process is outlined below for proposed boxing member, regional association and National Federation (England Boxing).

Requirements from the proposed boxing member
  • Must demonstrate acceptance of the additional membership conditions in writing, by receiving, signing and returning the provided form to their Association.
  • Must formally declare their previous combat experience on the provided form, before clearance for membership can be sought
  • The Secretary or Coach of the club the athlete intends to join must also sign the declaration
Requirements from the relevant Regional Association
  • Declares, at the outset, the intended weight category and classification of the proposed boxing member
  • Sends the original of the completed form (signed by the proposed boxing member) to the NGB Office to 
  • Will not grant boxer membership or register the proposed member until approval has been received from the National Federation
 Requirements from the National Federation (England Boxing)
  • Will review the request for membership clearance and either approve or reject it
  • Will notify the Association of the result of the request

Championship entry

Should a request to register an athlete be approved by England Boxing, a formal letter will be sent to the regional secretary approving the application. To enter any England Boxing Championship, a membership must have have three months of consecutive membership.

Previously submitted requests

Will be reviewed and responded to within 21 days.

Professional Combat Experience

A boxer who has held or currently holds a professional license will be permitted to register as an Elite Boxer with England Boxing if the following conditions are met;

  1. The professional experience of the boxer is declared
  2. The professional license is relinquished
  3. A report from the National Federation that issued the license is provided to inform England Boxing of any medical issues and the complete professional history of the boxer
  4. The boxer is medically fit to box; this is to be determined by both the professional boxing organization/federation and England Boxing

Unlicensed/White Collar Boxing

Please note that, England Boxing will continue to receive requests for membership from boxers with unlicensed/white collar boxing experience, which has been classified as ‘Other Combat Sport’.

Further information

Should you have any questions please contact Note that turnaround at the NGB office for applications can take up to 21 days.