The vision of the England Performance programme is to give every boxer every chance, enabling them to fulfil their potential.

The aim is to deliver an effective and inclusive talent system that produces higher-quality boxers at every level and provides more opportunities and access to the talent system for all boxers with potential.

The programme wants to identify, select and develop the best boxers into future world-beaters – for English boxers to win at major competitions and the Olympic Games.

To do this, expert coaching and support are provided to help boxers become the best, and it is up to each individual to do the rest – to show commitment, hard work and drive, and make the most of the opportunities presented.

England Performance hopes that reading through the pages in this section will inspire boxers to work hard toward developing the skills and character required to become a great boxer – and hopes to see them boxing for England soon.

Contact the England Performance team

For general enquiries please call 0114 223 5654. Please only contact the England Performance office if you enquiry is specific to this area on 0114 223 5639 (office hours only), or email your enquiry to

If your query is more specific, please contact the relevant member of staff below.

Chris Connelly
Head of Performance

Andrea Rankine
Performance Pathway Manager

Helen Timms
Performance Pathway Administrator

Amanda Coulson
Lead National Coach

Mick Maguire
National Coach

Meet the coaches

Full-time coaches

Amanda Coulson

Mick Maguire

Performance Coaches

Quinton ‘Q’ Shillingford

Jason Gledhill

Andrew Marksby

Amanda Groake

Chris Lodge

Development Coaches

Ahmet Canbakis, Alan Brown, Allana Nihell, Carl Ellis, Chris Lodge, David Johnston, Dean Sudgen, Gavin Rickleton, Gurpreet Sandhu, Ian J Tennant, James Allen, John Hodkinson, Jon Dennis, Kate Newton, Kerry Chalk, Laura Sargeant, Liam Alloway, Louise Vidor, Naadrah Hafeez, Niki Wiley, Peter Roberts, Phil Knight, Phil Wilson, Preya Dhanecha, Rachel Bower, Reece Redmond, Rhuari Kane, Ricardo Williams, Richard Holland, Ross Wilkinson, Sean McGann, Simon Carsberg, Steve Byrant, Tony Nicholls, Wayne McCarte.