Young boxer at Timperley ABC

England Boxing is the National Governing Body for the sport of Boxing in England, overseeing more than 980 affiliated clubs and more than 23,000 members spread across the country.

The organisation carries out a number of functions including overseeing the safety and welfare of members, child protection and compliance, coaching courses, DBS checking and promotion of boxing to potential new members, enforcing rules and regulations and providing a talent pathway for boxers who excel.

England Boxing also organises and administrates a number of national and regional competitions for Elite, Youth, Junior, Schools and Development Boxers, as well as an annual Three Nations tournament and a female-only Box Cup.

Regional Associations, The Armed Forces and Club Support Officers (CSOs)

Working alongside England Boxing are a series of regional boxing associations who run competitions and liaise locally with local clubs on a whole host of matters. They are Tyne, Tees and Wear, North West Counties, Merseyside and Cheshire, Yorkshire, Midlands, East Midlands, Western Counties, Eastern Counties, Home Counties, London and Southern Counties.

There are also organisations who represent the interests of the British Police, the Royal Navy and Marines, the British Army and the RAF.

A team of club support officers – one per region – is also on hand to assists clubs with the day-to-day running of their facilities, helping to seek and secure funding for new projects that range from providing mental health awareness and tackling knife crime to putting on sessions for people with Parkinson’s and organising lunchtime clubs during school holidays.

Key Strategic objectives 2022-2027

England Boxing launched its 2022-27 Strategic Plan, Inspiring and Transforming Lives through Boxing, in November 2021.

The 13-page document outlines ambitious plans for how the national governing body for amateur boxing in England will build on the progress made in the 2017-2021 strategic plan, and the continued great work from so many in the sport, as it emerges from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Recognising that boxing has the power to bring communities together with its uniquely powerful ability to engage people from different backgrounds and connect them, the strategy outlines  in detail the work that will be undertaken over the next five years to help support the clubs in fulfilling this opportunity.

It has been put together following consultation from a host of partners and stakeholders, not least member clubs, who are located in the heart of the communities they serve and run by people who know and understand the issues and challenges being faced by their members every day.

The plan is built around four objectives of A Thriving Boxing Community, An Inclusive Diverse and Accessible Sport, An Inspirational and Aspirational Talent Pathway and A Respected and Valued NGB.

Progress against key strategic objectives for 2022-2027

England Boxing is keen to keep the boxing community and stakeholders abreast of the progress made against its strategic plan for 2022-27.

You can view a quarterly headline summary of that progress under the four key objectives of A thriving boxing community, An inclusive, diverse and accessible sport, An inspirational and aspirational competition and talent pathway and A respected and valued NGB by clicking here.

Sub-committees and England Boxing’s strategy

The work of England Boxing is closely monitored by sub-committees that include those for Medical, Audit, Technical, and Rules, Referees and Judges, Performance and Coaching, Clubs, Membership and Development, Compliance, Legal and HR, Commercial, Communications and Championships.

You can view who is on each sub-committee.

These sub-committees meet at least three times a year to check and challenge the work of England Boxing employees against the organisation’s strategic Plan for 2022-27: Inspiring and Transforming Lives through Boxing.

Read more about England Boxing’s strategy.