2024 Youth Aspire Camp Held at EIS

April 22, 2024 | by Nabillah Akhtar


This past Sunday (April 21st) marked the Women’s Youth Aspire session, drawing enthusiastic participation from 23 youngsters representing diverse regions across the country, accompanied by their dedicated club coaches.

The session centered around the intricacies of pre and post-punching techniques, expertly led by Pathway Development Coach Kerry Chalk. Supported by a collaborative team of pathway coaches, WCDP representatives, and club mentors, the event provided an enriching developmental experience for all, featuring dynamic activities such as sparring, padwork, and technique drills aligned with the session’s theme.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback underscores the success of the initiative, reflecting the enjoyment and value derived by all attendees. A special acknowledgment extends to the invaluable contributions of the club coaches, whose guidance and involvement greatly enriched the session’s impact.

Stay tuned for forthcoming details regarding the Junior Aspire session, set to be unveiled later this week. Keep an eye out for updates!