Lessons Learnt for Team England in Scotland

January 21, 2024 | by Nabillah Akhtar


It wasn’t to be for Rosanna Bycroft and Caitlyn Wise who fought at the ‘Clash on the Clyde’ in Glasgow, Scotland yesterday (Saturday 20th January).

Bycroft of Legions unluckily lost on a unanimous decision but managed to leave the ring with no regrets by putting on a performance both she and the team can be proud of.

Worcester City’s Caitlyn Wise, on the other hand, exited the competition with a split decision against the reigning 2022 European Champion. Notably, she achieved an impressive count in the first round of the face-off. This marked the youngster’s debut in the Youth age class and in the full three-round match format.

Regardless of the result, the performance team are proud of the professionalism shown by the English duo and state that they were a real credit to their clubs and the sport.