Alfie’s incredible weight loss journey shows the power of boxing

September 16, 2022 | by Chris Boyd


Alfie joined Plympton ABC just 12 months ago and has lost an incredible 35kg, all while boosting his confidence and developing his skills.

For many of us, the COVID-19 lockdowns were a difficult period in our lives. Some people experienced difficulties with their confidence, and many of us gained weight. By September 2021, however, Alfie had had enough.

“Between the first lockdown and September 2021, I’d reached 115kg (18 stone) and I wasn’t happy with myself, and I needed a change. That’s when I started going to my local boxing gym.”

Alfie has always had an interest in combat sports and when he was ten years old, he began training at the local MMA gym though it only lasted a little while. After a year or two Alfie began to develop an interest in boxing which coincided with his motivation to lose weight and better himself. It was at this time he joined Plympton Amateur Boxing Club.

Coach Gavin Caldwell, who has been with Alfie every step of the way, remembers him when he first joined the club and can see the transformation he’s made, not only in his weight loss but also his confidence.

“The transformation in Alfie has been nothing short of incredible. When he came through the doors he was stooped over, hiding in a hoodie, painfully quiet and lacking any confidence. Now he’s standing tall, cracking jokes and chatty, with bags of confidence, and tons of self-belief. He’s a young Tyson Fury in the making, and as coaches we’re very proud of his achievements, and to be part of Alfie’s boxing journey.”

Alfie can also see the effect boxing has had on his mental wellbeing, “Before I started, I was quite shy and very insecure. I kept myself to myself and was very anxious, but now I am very happy and comfortable with myself, and I get a lot of support and motivation from it.”

Losing 35kg was, of course, no easy task, however. Alfie found himself training late into the evening and up to seven days a week, with Wednesday being, ‘rest day… or do some bag work’. His workout schedule included three boxing training sessions a week, a run of between 2-3 miles and training in his home gym three times a week. Alfie admits he was fortunate to have his mum’s boyfriend, Sean, to help him train at home and emphasised the importance of having someone to train with.

After his exceptional weight loss, Alfie is down at 80kg and at 15-years-old is carded and ready to box. His coach, Gavin, is looking to take a patient approach to the future, “the plan is to keep him busy and continue building his confidence and skills. He’s not 16 for another six months, so I’d like to get him out for a couple of skills bouts this side of Christmas, then move onto competitive boxing in the new year. He’s a good lad, with real passion so he’ll do well, I’m sure.”

Alfie’s positive attitude is clear in his response, “I want to get some experience under my belt, gain some confidence and see how it goes from there. My ambitions in amateur boxing are to put in 100% effort and be the best and do my absolute best.”

Alfie’s story is sure to inspire others and coach Gavin had some words of advice. “Walking through that door is the hardest part but, as Alfie has found, boxing clubs are like second families for many people. You’ll be made welcome in any England Boxing affiliated club and supported to be the best you can be.

Boxing sessions are busy, loud and fast paced places, but don’t let that put you off. Stick with it – regular attendance and commitment are essential to progress your skills, and the effort you put in will be recognised by the other boxers and coaches.

Boxing at times has an ill-conceived ‘tough’ image, and yes, the training and competition is probably the hardest of any sport, but throughout the sport, respect for each other is the fabric from which amateur boxing is built.

Alfie is an inspiration to us all, & his commitment to the sport has improved his overall quality of life. I’m positive Alfie’s story will inspire others to make positive life changes, and maybe ‘walk through that door’.”

A final word of wisdom from Alfie himself, “Find something that makes you happy and motivated and chase it. Put in 100% effort and be the best you can be and don’t give up, no matter how hard it gets.”

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