England Youth squad hone BoxAm preparations in Ireland

April 3, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


England’s Youth squad has flown out to Ireland ahead of a week-long training camp followed by a duel.

The training and competition will help the team prepare for the BoxAm Tournament they are competing in during May.

The squad are based at Ballina and will be working through joint training plans with their Irish counterparts.

England Boxing’s Lead National Coach, Amanda Coulson, said: “Having to go against the best Ireland have to offer, here in their backyard, is part of the resilience piece of the team’s preparation.

“It also has lots of other benefits such as technical and tactical learning opportunities, travelling as a team, being away from home, making weight…the list is endless, really.

“Overall, this is a huge development opportunity for the whole team of boxers and coaches and one we are excited to get involved in.

“Ireland are always a strong boxing nation so we expect some tough competition which can only help towards being even better prepared for BoxAm.”