England End 2023 on High with Duel Victory

December 11, 2023 | by Nabillah Akhtar


England produced a stunning performance by securing a 5-3 win over Denmark in an international duel this weekend (9th December).

The event took place in Varde and served as the last outing for Team England in 2023.

The squad included a range of both senior and youth boxers and was led by coach, John Stubbs with the help of Jason Gledhill and Tony Nicholls.

Slough-based fighter, Zayn Ahmed, led the day with a 4-1 split victory over Silas Gryholt. The youngster managed to come out on top despite a cagey response from his Dutch opponent and maintained pressure throughout.

This was swiftly followed by Beth Walsh, who also took the 4-1 split decision against Luna Vandrup. Walsh went head-to-head once again with her foe from Croatia and controlled the match. Vandrup attempted to counteract her fighting style with speed but the Brit was able to react with eye-catching shots.

Elsewhere, there were no signs of England slowing down with further wins from Harry, Freddie and Dimeji banked.

Teenager, Harry Burke showed clear dominance from start to finish and impressively claimed a unanimous decision. This was done through him landing a back hand that dropped his competitor to the floor in his initial round and set the tone for the rest of the bout.

London lad, Freddie Pullen, also defeated Maher Khatib with a 5-0 triumph by keeping his opponent at bay with his signature southpaw jab. He also scored two standing eight counts during round two which eventually led to the overall win.

As for Dimeji Shittu, it was a 4-1 split decision for the fighter. The core of the bout revolved around Shittu’s agile footwork, preventing Sebastian Terteryan from closing the distance in the ring. This technique persisted throughout the final round to seal the deal.

It wasn’t to be for the remaining boxers;  Terri Naylor, Louie Ward, and Vivien Parsons, unfortunately, were unable to advance as they were defeated by their individual opponents.

England vs Denmark December 2023 Duel Results:

Male, Youth, Under 54kg: Zayn Ahmed beat Silas Gryholt by a 4-1 split decision.

Female, Senior, Under 54kg: Beth Walsh beat Luna Vandrup by a 4-1 split decision.

Male, Youth, Under 67kg: Harry Burke beat Valdemar Allerslev by a unanimous decision.

Male, Senior Under 60kg: Freddie Pullen beat Maher Khatib by a unanimous decision.

Male, Senior, Under 80kg: Dimeji Shittu beat Sebastian Terteryan by a 4-1 split decision.

Female, Senior, Under 52kg: Terri Naylor lost to Sofie Rosshuag.

Male, Senior, Under 60kg: Louie Ward lost to Frederik L. Jensen by a 3-2 split decision.

Female, Senior, Under 57kg: Vivien Parsons lost to Melissa Mortensen by a 3-2 split decision.