England Youth squad fly out for Germany tournament as prep for Euros

March 17, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


The England squad for the EUBC Youth European Championships 2022 today (17th March) flew out to Germany for some valuable competition practice ahead of the start of the major tournament in Sofia next month.

The 14-strong party will be one of five teams to take part in a round-round tournament in the German region of Demen, which is situated in the north of the country.

The Three Lions will take on boxers from two separate German squads, along with those from Poland and Italy.

Bouts will take place tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday (18th to 20th March) and will be staged at the Evita Forum.

Lead Coach for the weekend is Ivan Cobb and he will be supported by John Stubbs, Laura Sargeant and Q Shillingford

England squad


Under 48kg – Maddie Gittins (St Paul’s, Yorkshire)

Under 52kg – Lauren Mackie (Burton Park, East Midlands)

Under 54kg – Emily Whitworth (The People’s Gym, North West)

Under 57kg – Paige Howarth (Clayton, North West) and Jayne Bardauskas (Almond’s Yorkshire)

Under 75kg – Amber Moss-Birch (Golden Ring, Southern Counties).


Under 48kg – Mikie Tallon (Lee Jones, Merseyside and Cheshire)

Under 54kg – Owen Ketley (Lionheart, Yorkshire)

Under 57kg – Frankie Wood (West Ham, London)

Under 60kg – Nelson Birchall (Sharpstyle, North West)

Under 63.5kg – Osama Mohammed (Lions, Midlands)

Under 67kg – Lewis Lawton (Impact, Midlands)

Under 75kg – Luke Turner (Phoenix Fire, Merseyside and Cheshire)

Under 92kg – Damar Thomas (Powerday Hooks, London)

Over 92kg – Enriko Itauma (Westree, Southern Counties).