Regional coaching structure to be strengthened

June 4, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing’s Coach Development Team has today outlined its intention to establish regional coaching as a consistent part of the talent pathway across the whole country.

A number of regions already have an excellent regional coaching structure in place that plays a key role in the development of its area’s boxers.

As Covid-19 restrictions are gradually eased, England Boxing see it as a great opportunity to strengthen the system nationwide and build on the regional coaching that is making such a successful contribution.

The ability for club boxers to adapt to different environments and be coached and work with other coaches at regional level is a key factor when stepping into the England Talent Programme and also the GB Boxing World Class Programme.

As a result, England Boxing has re-engaged with regional coaches and is to set up a regular Community of Practice, where coaching ideas and best practice can be shared and coaches can discuss and issues and concerns they may have.

Regional coaches will also be encouraged to link up and establish a strong connection with the high levels of coach development, including the England Talent Programme.

“Having regions within England who are active with boxer development and learning is a key part of the pathway, with regional coaching structures having the opportunity to support the development and growth of coaches and also officials,” said England Boxing’s Coaching Consultant, Chris Porter.

“The purpose of regional coaching is to provide extra value for emerging and talented male and female boxers and provides a good environment for boxers to experience different training environments, aiding their ability to adapt, as well as developing them as an athlete and person.

“Regional coaching structures will also help with talent identification and raising awareness to the England Talent Programme of emerging talented boxers who have the potential, attitude and behaviours to progress within the pathway.”

The benefits that the regional coaching structure can bring can be aligned to three main areas:

England Talent

Each Regional Coaching Team can offer a fantastic structure for extended Talent ID and boxer development, increasing accessibility to boxers and coaches without the need for excessive travel. This collaborative approach will complement England Boxing’s existing Talent Pathway by ensuring no talented boxer or coach misses the opportunity to be identified or developed.

Coach Development

Regional coaching provides an essential stage for coaches to work alongside and with fellow coaches. England Boxing would encourage coaches who have attended the Level 2 Progression workshops to approach their region and explore ways to become involved. England Boxing has a vision of regions being a platform to support diverse and inclusive coaching community. Coaches learn from other coaches and regional coaching offers a great environment.

Officials’ Development

Officials’ development for referees and judges is essential for the sport. England Boxing have invested a significant amount of time and worked with regions to establish a consistent and aligned national education programme. From an officials’ development point of view, regional training provides another opportunity for officials and coaches to meet and develop a shared understanding (specifically around the scoring criteria and judging a performance). Also, the coaching activity which at times involve sparring, can provides officials to practice their observations of the bout and also help their experience in the ring. Having an official involved at the right time with regional training can create a realistic environment which will both support boxer and coach learning.

Regional coaching Q&A

For those who are thinking about getting involved with coaching at a regional level, England Boxing has put together this list of frequently asked questions, along with relevant answers.

I have just completed the England Boxing Level 2 Progression Workshops, how do I become involved with my region?

England Boxing actively encourages all Level 2 Progression Coaches to explore different coaching environments – and regional coaching offers a great opportunity. There are three options to get involved: approach the existing regional coaching team directly (where one is on place), contact your region or contact England Boxing Coach Development Team and they will make the introductions. The selection of coaches within each region is the responsibility of the regional coach(es), but all regional coaches have been encouraged to support emerging coaches within the pathway.

I have been a Level 3 and Level 4 Coach and I would like to get involved, how can I do this?

Re-engaging with experienced coaches is a key part of the plan to support coaches and also boxers. As above, please contact your region, regional coach or the England Boxing Coach Development Team.

As a coach I have long-term plans to progress to the England Talent Coaching Team and maybe the World Class Programme with GB Boxing. Will regional coaching experience help with my progression?

Yes, England Boxing would encourage coaches who have the drive, passion and ability to gain key experience with their region. The opportunity to coach boxers from different clubs and work with other coaches are key learning steps.

Will regional coaches be involved with the nomination of coaches to apply for the Performance Coaching in Boxing Programme (Level 3)?

Regional coaches will be directly involved with the nomination process. Having regional coaching experience will support an application. Also, each coach will need to provide two references to support their application, and having a regional coach as a reference is encouraged, but not essential.

I am a club coach and I want to understand more about regional coaching. Is there an opportunity to observe and watch some of training camps?

There is no reason why not. The first step is to approach the region and explain why you want to watch and observe. Having a clear understanding of the standard and the coaching approaches is a good step to understand the next step within the pathway. One option is to offer the clubs facility to host regional training camps.

I am an official. How can regional coaching camps help me to develop?

Regional training offers a good opportunity to engage with coaches. Regional training involves sparring opportunities therefore having officials around the environment to practice their judging (observation process), time keeping process and also refereeing support the environment and the boxer. As part of the mentoring process for officials, regional coaching involvement also provides an opportunity for competency sign-off and building up your experiences and learning.