Club case study: Bideford Boxing Club providing opportunities for all

May 10, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


From running sessions for boxers with Parkinson’s to training national champions, Bideford Boxing Club are going above and beyond to make boxing an open sport for all.

The Western Counties club are expanding and have over 200 members now with their youngest member aged five and oldest is 87 years old.

Open six nights a week, the boxing gym provides a space for groups and individuals regardless of their age and ability.

Bideford have a specific class for boxers with Parkinson’s that runs twice a week and have seen huge benefits as well as working closely with a Boxing charity Ringside rest and care which focuses on people ‘suffering from depression, alcohol dependency, injuries and illnesses attributed to boxing.’

Furthermore, they also host sessions for young people motivated to box competitively, and have carded members, many of whom have boxed in national competitions. 

This season James Dearson and Charlie Passmore won the Riviera Box Cup, whilst Dylan Burston reached the semi finals of the Junior Championships 2022 and Jackson Passmore reached the quarter finals.

Richard Grigg coach at Bideford Boxing Club, said: “We also do a Children’s and Adults boxing fitness which is for people that either don’t want to box, or aren’t able to box but would like the benefits from training.

“We have members that struggle with their mental health, have down syndrome, autism, strokes, and we are proud to offer a place for them all.”

In addition to group sessions, the coaches offer one-on-one sessions at the club as a way of ‘fitting everyone’s needs and then trying to gently progress them into group sessions.’

As well as focusing on their own gym, they also work with Port Talbot Bulldogs (West Wales) and offer opportunities for boxers to from clubs to travel away and gain experience on residential trips at no costs to the boxers as a way to gain life friends and experiences.

Bideford Boxing Club consists of a tight nit committee with Coaches Richard Grigg, Dick Kersey, Danny Passmore and Jack Langford, Club Development officer Jeff Facey, Club President Derry Brownson and chairman Dick Brownson.   

You can find out more about the club on their Facebook page by clicking here.