O’Dells community efforts boosted by Pohwer grant

April 25, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


Midlands region club O’Dells Community Pride ABC is gearing up to deliver food parcels and meals to those in need in their local area after successfully applying for funding to facilitate its plans.

Based in Bromford, Birmingham, the club has received a Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NSS) grant of £4,380 from Pohwer to help reach those most in need.

The club’s Tina O’Dell, and her team, will be handing out food parcels to 48 local families and also cook and deliver a further 22 meals daily for the regular users of the CAFLO café (below right), which is housed at the club’s venue, but closed due to COVID-19.

That group, known as the ‘Nifty 50s’, are in desperate need of help with no access to what has usually been a lifeline for them.

 “We are coordinating a huge project her for the local residents.  Each week we are collating information for those in need and we refer some to local food banks where applicable,” said Tina.

“For others who can’t get out during the pandemic due to being on the ‘at risk’ list, we collect food from food banks and prepare and deliver the food parcels to the residents at home.

“We also have meals to prepare, cook, and deliver to those that are most in need and are unable to cook for themselves.

“This funding will not only help us greatly to keep doing all of the activities we are currently undertaking, but the need is growing by the day and we are looking at further initiatives to make sure our community is as well looked after as we can possibly manage.”

If you can help the club, please view their fundraising page on the England Boxing #KOCOVID19 web page, which can be accessed here.