Clubs urged to follow regional lockdown advice; pad work reminder

August 3, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


In light of the local / regional lockdowns for COVID-19 increasingly coming into force in some areas across the country, England Boxing would like to re-confirm to member clubs that specific local government advice issued to them must be followed.

In some instances,  such as those in Leicester, Bradford Metropolitan Council and Blackburn / Darwen Borough Council, clubs need to close, even if they have previously reopened following the national easing of lockdown measures on 25th July.

Outside of those listed above, in the Greater Manchester Area, parts of Lancashire and West Yorkshire as set out in the guidelines in this link, you should only be in gyms in household groups or your extended bubble.

Please keep an eye out for local information, particularly if you are in an area that is considered ‘an area of concern’ and consult your local Club Support Officer if you are unsure.

For clubs affected in this way, we realise this will come as a great frustration, inconvenience and cost at a time when you are looking to get your operations back up and running and have put a lot of time and effort into doing so.

However, it is vitally important that boxing plays it’s part in cutting virus transmission in local hotspots in order that we can help protect the health and safety of our respective communities and return to our regular activities as soon as normal.

Clubs who are asked to close by local governments should no reopen until specific guidance by the relevant local authorities permits it.

As ever, we maintain that, where possible, the safest option for training remains outside as the threat of COVID-19 transmission is greatly reduced.

Pad work reminder

For the avoidance of doubt, no pad work is allowed. Clubs are reminded that pad work (including sticks) is not allowed, either indoors and outdoors, along with sparring and any kind of competitive boxing. A distance of 2m must be maintained at all times, unless from within a household.

Members from the same household are allowed to hold pads for each other, in which case they must explain to any fellow club members they are training with at the same session that this is the case.

These are government guidelines / regulations. Clubs who fail to adhere to this rule are not only breaking UK government law designed to contain Covid-19 transmission, and potentially invalidating their insurance so causing both club and individual liability exposure, but they are also putting at risk the health and safety of their own members and coaches, as well as their own families.

On top of this, it likely puts back the date when full competitive amateur boxing will be allowed to return.

Please read this from the Sport England website:

Can indoor sports include close-contact sports?

For close-contact sports specifically, the government is advising that these are not resumed if social distancing and government guidance cannot be followed. This is due to the increased risks of transmission of Covid-19, because of the proximity of participants and contact between them. However, activities that follow government guidelines can go ahead (which in boxing’s case means staying 2m apart at all times from those not from the same household).

If there are any queries then please email with any questions.