Team England squad confirmed for GB Junior and Youth Three Nations 2023

May 26, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


The Team England squad to take on Scotland and Wales at the GB Junior and Youth Three Nations 2023 can now be announced.

The event will be held at the on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell.

The team has been selected from the winners and runners-up at this year’s England Boxing National Junior Championships and England Boxing National Youth Championships.

If a boxer is not available to participate, then the third/fourth place boxer in that category has been selected.

The GB Schools and GB Schools Three Nations 2023 will take on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.



46kg       Dolly Sambrook                 Hoddesdon                        Home Counties

48kg       Ruby White                        Sturminster                        Western Counties

50kg       Holly Haskins                     Broadplain                         Western Counties

54kg       Neve Wright                       Aston                                 West Midlands

60kg       Lexi Walker                        Wodensborough               West Midlands

63kg       Libby Frost                         Beartown                           North West


40kg       Dean Goodearl                  West Ham                          London

42kg       Alfie Knipes                        Repton                               London

44kg       Hamza Khan                       Hockwell Ring                    Home Counties

46kg       Humza Malik                      Repton                               London

48kg       Mason Scoullar                  Rotunda                             Merseyside & Cheshire

50kg       Mohammed Safari             The Ring                             Home Counties

52kg       Dylan Gray                         District Youth                     Tyne Tees & Wear

54kg       Finn Harris                         Attleborough                     Eastern Counties

57kg       Jamie Barrett                     Powerday Hooks                London

60kg       Paul Coyle                          St Mary’s                            Southern

63kg       Kevin Richardson               Houghton                          Tyne Tees & Wear

66kg       Frankie Thompson             Bridlington                         Yorkshire

70kg       John Joe Carrigan              Border City                         North West

75kg       Kevin McDonagh                Northside                           North West

80kg       Tobias Taylor                     New Saints                         East

80+kg     Leo Atang                           Legions                               Yorkshire



48kg       Frances Coope                   Priory Park                         West Midlands

50kg       Alice Pumphrey                 The Purge                           Yorkshire

52kg       Dionne Mannion               Marden                              Tyne & Wear

57kg       Paige Howarth                   M31                                    North West

60kg       Eloise Edwards                   Leigh                                   North West


51kg       Joe Turner                          Jennings                             North West

54kg       Leighton Birchall                Jennings                             North West

57kg       Denaeo George                  Leicester Lightening           East Midlands

60kg       Hamilton Joyce                  Camp Detox                       Yorkshire

63.5kg    George Peacock                 Barnard Castle                   Tyne Tees & Wear

67kg       Ellis Panter                         Burton Park                        East Midlands

71kg       Mikey Jennings                  Jennings                             North West

75kg       Emmanuel Buttigieg          Newham                            London

80kg       Willie Loveridge                 Ardwick                              North West

86kg       Connor McCormack           Panthers                            Southern Counties

92kg       Troy Richmond                  Sandygate                          North West


Team Manager: Mick Maguire.

Lead Coach: John Stubbs.

Pic by Margit Kincses