England name squad for Wales duel

September 26, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


The England squad selection for a duel with Wales at Cannock on Sunday 6th October can now be confirmed.

 The address for the venue is The Premier Suite, 1st Floor, 85 High Street, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1BJ, with weigh-in from 11am to 12noon and boxing starting at 2pm.

Boxers are asked to bring their passport, BCR1, completed and signed parental consent form, training gear, boots, warm up gloves, hand wraps, gum shield, skipping rope, head guard and protector.

Lead coach for the duel is Amanda Coulson, who will be assisted by Ivan Cobb, Phil Wilson, Chris Lodge, Andy Abrol and Shiney Singh.

England Squad


Under 38kg – John Tom Varey (Sharpstyle, North West); Under 39.5kg – Luke Rodda (Repton, London); Under 40kg – Michael Smith (Pinewood, Home Counties).


Under 38kg – Haaris Brown (Kirkby, Merseyside & Cheshire); Under 42kg – Callum Drinkald (Wearmouth, Tyne, Tees & Wear); Under 48kg – Hamza Uddin (Fearless, Midlands); Under 50kg –  Alby Hill (Chadwell St Mary, Eastern Counties); Under 51kg – Nelson Birchall (Sharpstyle, North West); Under 52kg – Frank Varey (Sharpstyle, North West); Under 53kg – Danny Boardman (Repton, London); Under 55kg – James Fernley (West Ham, London);  Under 58kg – Finley James (West Ham, London, pictured above); Under 58kg – Patrick Doherty (Chadwell St Mary, Eastern Counties); Under 63kg – Jude Moore (Downend, Western Counties); Under 64kg – Jake Abrol (Sharpstyle, North West); Under 52kg – Macy Gallone (Spennymoor, Tyne, Tees & Wear).


Under 57kg – Billy Adams (Dagenham, London); Under 61kg – Jay Turner (Hall Green, Midlands); Under 70kg – George Liddard (Billericay, Eastern Counties, pictured below).


Under 52kg – Alexandra Richards (Miguel’s, London).