Successful weekend for England squads in Germany and Wales

February 19, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


It was a highly-successful weekend for the England Performance pathway over the weekend as two squads boxing in different countries won their respective international duels.

The England Senior squad yesterday concluded a week of training in Schwerin, Germany with a 9-2 victory over the host nations in an 11-bout series.

At the same time, a mixed Junior, Youth and Elite Three Lions squad took on Wales in Cardiff, emerging 7-5 winners after a keenly-contested afternoon of boxing.

Germany v England

Lead Coach Amanda Coulson has provided a summary of each of the Schwerin bouts.

Also on the coaching team were John Stubbs, Jason Gledhill and….

Under 57kg – Shaun Huddart (Birtley) lost to Jan Richmeier.

“Shaun boxed to instructions, but got caught on the return with a couple of eye catching shots at times. Shaun had his share of his own success in the last round, but lost a high-tempo bout.”

Under 57kg – Edward Hardy (Highfields) beat Oskar Sobiezczyk.

“Ed worked brilliantly with his jab in this contest. Once he found the range, he was able to add more pressure, attacking aggressively mid and short-range, landing eye-catching uppercuts on way to taking a unanimous decision.”

Under 60kg – Giorgio Visioli (Repton) beat Achraf Godje.

“Giorgio put in a highly skilled technical performance against his Germany opponent reading his attacks well.  Giorgio listened to instruction and claimed a unanimous win for the team.”

Under 60kg – Louie Ward (Hoddesdon) lost to Enrico Kliesch.

“Louie, in his first senior bout, took on a stand-out German international boxer, but didn’t disappoint. A great display of boxing saw Louie come away with a 3-0 close split loss.”

Under 63.5kg – Osama Mohamed (Lions) beat Simon Reith.

“Osama, in his first senior bout, pressured from start to finish using his jab effectively and creating an opening for the back hand that was landing flush. The England Youth European Bronze medal winner won every round on the way to a unanimous win.”

Under 67kg – Huey Malone (Christ The King) beat Rany Botikali.

“Huey imposed a high-tempo tactic during all three rounds, taking his opponents space away. A great performance and another win for the team.”

Under 75kg – Jimmy Sains (Repton) beat Baris Kutuk.

“Jimmy kept his shape, listened to and implemented instructions throughout this all-action bout. A dominating and clinical performance saw him take the win.”

Under 80kg – Oledimeji Shittu (Five Star) beat Leon Mataj.

“Dimeji displayed hit and move at its best. The tall 80kg boxer stayed clear of his opponent whilst still maintaining a good distance to return punches. Switching stance at will, his unorthodox style resulted in a convincing win.”

Under 86kg – Teagn Stott (Sheffield Boxing Centre) beat Tyron Amo.

“Teagn had a solid start to the bout winning and dominating the first two rounds. Teagn managed to stay switched on as he tired in the last to dig deep for the win.”

Under 57kg – Megan Morris (St Ives) beat Celine Broccolo.

“Megan, on her England debut, put in a very strong performance landing big rear hands throughout the bout and taking her opponents strength away with smart front-foot pressure.”

Under 57kg – Vivien Parsons (Afewee) beat Chantal Bartels.

“Vivien didn’t put a foot wrong. Great shape and balance paired with brilliant distance control, tempo and just the right amount of pressure saw Viv win by RSC in the third round. A star performance for her England debut.”

Wales v England

England’s Lead Coach for the trip across the border Q Shillingford, was very pleased with the way the team acquitted themselves.

He said: “The boxers and coaches were superb, all coming together as one throughout the competition.”

Also on the coaching team were Phil Wilson, Ian Tennant, Ross Wilkinson and Rhuari Kane, while the female chaperone was Charlotte Gilgannon.

Junior 42kg to 43kg – George Francis (Repton) beat Kayden Wallace by a unanimous decision.

Junior 42kg to 43kg – Jake Preston (Rotunda) lost to Brody Hart by a split decision.

Junior 48kg to 49kg – Mohammad Safari (The Ring) beat Troy Hayer by a unanimous decision.

Junior 54kg to 55kg – Isaac Huczmann (City of Leicester Lightning) lost to Henry Janes by a split decision.

Youth 51kg max – Mike Tallon (Lee Jones) beat Raj Singh by a unanimous decision.

Youth 54kg max – Dionne Mannion (Marden) beat Ffion Wilmott by a unanimous decision.

Youth 54kg to 55kg – Leo Wood (Guildford) lost to Corey Jones by a split decision.

Youth 57kg to 58kg – Denaeo George (City of Leicester Lightning) beat Joe Williams by a unanimous decision.

Youth 60kg to 61kg – Mikey Evans (Rotunda) lost to Axel Hegerty by a split decision.

Youth 67kg to 68kg – Ellis Panter (Burton Park) beat Milwyn Lloyd by a unanimous decision.

Elite 51kg to 52kg – Amaan Gulham (Warley) lost to Scott Richards by a unanimous decision.

Elite 54kg to 55kg – Tom Welland (Hoddesdon) beat Owain Harris by a unanimous decision.