Area Belt

Details of England Boxing Area Title Belts box-offs released

February 25, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


Some exciting England Boxing Area Title Belt box-offs have been proposed by the Title Belts Panel – and are revealed in this final release concerning the the newly-launched series.

As detailed previously, each Region has been commissioned to manage its own Regional Title Belt system. These Regional Title Belts feed into the Area Title Belts, which are managed by England Boxing, along with the National Title Belts.

The Northern Area Title Belts consists of (1) Merseyside & Cheshire, (2) North West, (3) Tyne Tees & Wear and (4) Yorkshire. The Central Area Title Belts are contested between (1) East Midlands, (2) Eastern Counties, (3) Home Counties and (4) Midland Counties and, finally, the Southern Area Title Belts are between (1) London, (2) Southern Counties, (3) Western Counties and (4) UK Armed Forces.

If a boxer is a Regional Title Belt holder and they become the Area Title Belt holder, they automatically forfeit their Regional Title Belt. The Area Title Belt holder must defend their Belt in a certain order named above 1-4.

As a reminder, only the three Area Title Belt holders are able to compete for the National Title Belts once the initial box-offs have been concluded.

The National Title Belt holder must offer defences to the Belt in a certain order of Northern, Central then Southern. So the first defence must be against the Northern Area Belt holder, the next against the Central Area Belt holder and so on.

If the Northern Area Belt holder beats the National Title Belt holder, the first defence should be against the Central Area Belt holder to continue the pattern.

The Title Belts Panel reviewed past results, in particularly at National Championships and have produced the below box-offs for male Area Belts. For all female Area Title Belts, nominations are welcomed and should be submitted to



Northern – Nominations required

Central – Nominations required

Southern – Nominations required


Northern – Jake Locke (South Cheshire) v Nominations required

Central – Scott Miller (Chadwell St Mary) v Nominations required

Southern – Nominations required


Northern – Jake Harrison (Gemini) v Ibrahim Nadim (Bury)

Central – Jacob Finch (Clearys) v Amer Khan (Hall Green)

Southern – Nathen Brown (Powerday Hooks) v Louis Southgate (St Marys)


Northern – Dillon Clark (Plains Farm ) v Nominations required

Central – Ameen Khan (Worcester City) v Danny Quartermaine (Clearys)

Southern – Nominations required


Northern – Marcus Molloy (Rotunda) v Vlad Matei (Sheffield City, pictured)

Central – Nominations required

Southern – Nominations required


Northern -Tom Aitchison (Knowsley Vale) v Andrew Stafford (Chadderton)

Central – Carl Waldron (Aston) v Nominations required

Southern – Elliot Whale (Nemisis) v Billy le Poullin (Guernsey)


Northern – Reece Farnhill (Sandygate) v Ryszcard Lewicki (Steel City)

Central – Bradley Goldsmith (Triumph) v nominations required

Southern – Jack Stringer (UKAF) v Paul Gordon (Harwich)


Northern – Nominations required

Central – Nominations required

Southern – Nominations required


Northern – Nominations required

Central – Nominations required

Southern – Nominations required


Northern – Nominations required

Central – Jamie Smith (Evolve) v Nominations required

Southern – Danny Williams (Woking) v Sherif Musah (White Hart Lane)


Northern – Nominations required

Central – Gideon Antivi (Hoddeston) v Nominations required

Southern – Joel Kirkby (Royal Navy) v Jamie Tshileva (White Hart Lane).


The Title Belts Panel request that all boxers/clubs named above confirm if they will be accepting the bout by 23th February.

The bout doesn’t have to happen immediately, but the bout can be offered to another boxer if it is not accepted.

Any boxer not informing the Title Belts Panel by this date will be considered to have turned the bout down.

Please be reminded that nominations and acceptances will only be accepted through the club coach or secretary. Boxers are encouraged not to write in directly. The Title Belts Panel can be contacted on