Maverick Stars Trust boxing project nine – The Bar ABC


England Boxing-affiliated The Bar ABC’s outreach project has been given a timely boost thanks to a funding boost from the Maverick Stars Trust.

Inclusive provision

In 2015, as part of a disability boxing project, England Boxing Club Support Officer Avoen Perryman worked in partnership with Sussex charity Outreach 3Way and Crawley ABC to deliver a series of inclusive sessions in Crawley.

After they proved to be a big success and very well attended, both parties were keen to see what other similar initiatives could be put in place on the South Coast.

Enter The Bar ABC

And so it was that in October last year Worthing-based The Bar ABC teamed up with Outreach 3Way to help support young adults with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling and active lives.

The club’s Adrian Clark was keen for an opportunity to deliver some boxing training to young disabled people in Chichester, and Bob Leeves, Manager at Outreach 3Way, was only too happy to help him implement the project.

Supported by Maverick Stars Trust

Helped my funding from Maverick Stars Trust to pay for the sessions, they have been an undoubted success and helped inspire those youngsters who have participated.

Leeves said: “The guys from our group are really enjoying the sessions and it is really great to see how much their confidence has grown since accessing the sessions last October.

Perceptions altered

“Some of them where a little worried about taking part in boxing, but all have taken to it and are really looking forwards to each of the sessions.

“I am also very impressed with Ady and the lads that coach the sessions. They have also taken to working with the group very quickly and it good to see the banter and relationships that have developed.

“Having something new to take part in and experience is a great opportunity for those who have taken part.”

Student support in delivery

Additionally, Adrian has linked up with several of the current DiSE academy students from Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, to get their help in delivering the sessions.

These 16 and 17-year-olds are gaining practical inclusive coaching experience, whilst also giving something back to their communities.

Clark said: “I would like to say a big thank you to the DISE students at MET Brighton, who have helped me run the sessions and who will continue to support and be part of future sessions.

‘Boxing is for everyone’

“I am a firm believer that Boxing can and is for everyone regardless of age sex and disability.  It’s been fantastic working with Outreach 3Way and the amazing young adults who have attended the sessions.

“Over the course of the last 10 months, watching the confidence grow within the group has been a pleasure to see and be part of. Hopefully in the future we will carry on and continue the sessions offering boxing fitness to the group.

Bar Boxing club literally have no form of income and so far has been financed by myself, so the funding from Maverick Stars Trust has been been extremely valuable to the club in helping us buy much needed equipment for the project.”

More on the Maverick Stars Trust

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