Maverick Stars Trust boxing project eight – Unity Boxing Academy


Thanks to significant support from The Maverick Stars Trust, England Boxing-affiliated Unity Boxing Academy of Bradford was able to run an engaging summer holiday camp that hopes to bring long-term benefits.

Physical activity in the holidays

Unity Boxing Academy ran a summer camp over the holidays for young people aged 11 to 19 years old.

The programme allowed young people from the local area to take part in physical activity sessions Monday to Friday for three weeks of the summer holidays.

As well as the physical activity sessions, the club also incorporated educational workshops on issues such as knife crime, gang crime and drug misuse.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

This age group was targeted as there is often a gap in provision for those too old to attend many summer activities, but too young to be disengaged in structured activity for the whole summer.

These young people are most at risk of becoming involved with anti-social behaviour and crime and the programme was a very successful diversionary activity.

The programme was so popular that the club added a session on a Sunday morning to cater for all participants.

It engaged 115 young people in total including 30 females and 85 males.

Mentoring opportunities

The programme also offered mentoring for four older participants to lead elements of the sessions improving their communication and leadership skills. The club will be looking to mentor these young people through coaching qualifications over the next few years.

The Manchester Superstore, a supermarket next to the club, also sponsored the project with free fruit and water, which was greatly appreciated by the club and participants.

Welcome Maverick support

The club would like to thank Mavericks Stars Trust for their support in running a successful project that benefited so many young people over the summer holidays.

They are looking forward to working with them again over the Christmas period running a Fit and Fed project for young people.

More on the Maverick Stars Trust

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