Maverick Stars Trust boxing project three – Aldershot ABC


The Maverick Stars Trust has put £2,500 towards Aldershot ABC’s Stay Safe #No knives in the SHOT project.  Here’s what it’s all about…


The set-up at Aldershot ABC

Aldershot ABC are are based at Alderwood Leisure Centre, which sits on the same site as Alderwood School.

The club have an entire gymnasium to themselves with a full-size competition ring and bags permanently in-place.

Their Maverick Stars Trust project

The project the club are going to deliver is called ‘Stay Safe #No knives in the SHOT’. They club are looking to engage a group of young people at risk of offending, with a particular focus around reducing knife crime in the local area.

The target audience

The club are aiming to engage a group of 20 to 40 young people aged 10-22.

How the project will work

The young people will go through a structured training programme (GB Boxing Awards) for just less than a year to give them key goals to work towards, instil a sense of achievement and to help retain the young people in the sport for the long-term as a suitable diversion from offending.

The young people will also take part in a talk from an anti-knife crime campaigner and former gang member to expose them to the realities of knife crime and aid in deterring them from becoming involved.

What will be achieved

The expected outcomes are a reduction in gang-involvement in the local area, as well as a reduction in knife crime and anti-social behaviour, together with an increase of membership at Aldershot ABC.

How will the project be sustained?

The long-term sustainability for the project will come from the participants being encouraged to join the club upon completion of the funded sessions.

It is also hoped that the successes of this project will lead to further future partnerships and projects with similar aims.

Get in touch with Aldershot ABC

Go to the club’s website at, email or call 01252 542144.

More on the Maverick Stars Trust

You can read more about the Maverick Stars Trust and their project alongside England Boxing here.

Click on the links to follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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