82nd ABA National Championships

Date May 9, 1969
Location Empire Pool and Sports Arena, Wembley
Year 1969
Weight Category Champion Finalist
Under 51 kg Dave Needham (Nottingham School of Boxing ABC) Alex McHugh (Kelvin BC)
Under 54 kg Michael Piner (Hayes ABC) L/Seaman Anthony Oxley (Royal Navy)
Under 57 kg Alan Richardson (White Rose ABC) Eddie Pritchard (Llangefni ABC)
Under 60 kg Howard Hayes (Plant Works ABC) D Joung (Bell Green ABC)
Under 64 kg John Stracey (Repton ABC) J Banks (Torbay ABC)
Under 67 kg Terry Henderson (Robert Browning ABC) A S Harrinson (Glenrothes BC)
Under 71 kg Thomas Imire (Buccleuch BC) Cpl P Lloyd (Army)
Under 75 kg Dave Wallington (Keystone Boys' Club) W Wilson (Caius ABC)
Under 81 kg Johnny Frankham (Reading ABC) Patrick Long (Edgewick Trades Hall ABC)
Under 91 kg Alan Burton (Caius ABC) George Harris (Royal Navy)