Women’s Coach Development Programme spotlight: Lindsey Jarratt (Telford ABC)

October 8, 2022 | by Chris Boyd


The Telford ABC coach is delighted to be part of the programme and can’t wait to pass on the knowledge and skills to her boxers and those around her.


How did you first get involved in boxing?

My dad definitely wanted a son and I’m an only child! I used to box when I was young before I got into other hobbies but I got back into it around 5 years ago. I’ve always followed local and professional boxing and I’ve attended lots of live events.

How pleased are you to be involved in a programme that is actively bidding to push women’s and girls’ boxing forward?

I’m over the moon to have been selected to be part of the programme. I love the rationale behind it and the purpose of the programme. It’s a great opportunity for women to get more involved in the sport.

What do you hope to get out of the WCDP that can improve you as a coach?

I want to learn, grow and develop. I’m going to use the knowledge, experience and opportunities that the programme will give me and pass them on to the boxers as I go forward in my coaching career.

How much will attending the WCDP help you in your club environment?

It will really help me excel in the club and broaden the type of things I currently do. I am already quite confident and have great support from the coaches and boxers, but I’ll be able to give them so much more at the end of this.

Who are your biggest boxing inspirations?

I hugely admire anyone in the boxing world that has gone through tough times, rejection, struggle, losses etc to then turn it around and achieve great things!

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