DiSE’s Brooklyn training in Tenerife to be fitter and faster


DiSE boxing student at SGS College Bristol, Brooklyn Chamberlain, is determined to go one better after losing in the England Boxing National Youth Championships in February.

The super-heavyweight (Over 91kg) boxer competes for Western Warriors ABC and has been praised by coaches for his commitment and dedication.

He has made the decision to get fitter and stronger at a lighter weight – and he is already beginning to see the benefits.

“We have had him doing hill sprints, strength training, tyre flipping, high intensity pad work, steady state cardio as well as a training camp in Tenerife to ensure we target fat loss,” said DiSE Coach Mike Biggs.

“Now down to 103kg from 118kg, Brooklyn stopped his last opponent and is stronger, fitter and faster and I am excited to see his progression.

“It’s brilliant working with young boxers like Brooklyn as he is an example to all in terms of what a little bit of hard work and perseverance can achieve.”

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