For any Southern Counties issues please do not hesitate to contact Aaron Pritchard on 07713 487008


Southern Counties

SC’s President & Chairman: Shaun Akehurst

SC’s Secretary: Aaron Pritchard

SC’s Treasurer: Maria Pritchard

SC’s Registrar: Stuie Gill

SC’s Life Vice President: Eddie Bryant

SC’s Life Vice President: Ken Charman

SC’s Life Vice President: Lou Stamp

Appointments Secretary: Geoff Cannell JNR

Association Welfare Officer : Tracy Davies

MC’s Matchmaker : Ben Harmsworth

Championship Committee: Stuie Gill, Shaun Akehurst, Gary White, Shane Carrington

CSO: Max Surge

CRB / DBS Checkers Across the Association :

Please check via the VAult for a comprehensive list of DBS checks within Southern Counties

Surrey Division

President & Chairman: Eddy Lawther

Secretary: Sarah Carrington

Divisional Coach: Ben Harmsworth

Hampshire Division

President & Chairman: Peter Vince

Secretary: Martin Robinson

Treasurer: Maria Pritchard

Matchmaker: Tim Henderson

Divisional Coach: Steve Barnes

R&J Appointments Secretary: Mark Davies

Kent Division

President & Chairman : Shaun Akehurst

Secretary : Dawn Frew

Competition Sec: Geoff Cannell

Divisional Coach: Paul Giles

Sussex Division

President & Chairman: Ian Bourner

Secretary : John Farmery

Divisional Coach: Bill Davies

R & J Appointments Secretary : Ken Welsh