UKAD mascot brought to life in campaign to support athletes’ competition prep

February 7, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has launched a new campaign to promote clean sport education ahead of the Tokyo games, through Squeaky, its anti-doping mascot.

Squeaky The Duck (pictured in the campaign, above) originated ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games, and is a symbol of an athlete’s commitment to clean sport.

The small rubber duck is presented to each British athlete when they complete their ‘100% Me’ clean sport education specific to the next upcoming major competition, such as the Olympics, Paralympics, or Commonwealth Games.

That number will include GB boxers bidding to qualify for Tokyo this summer and next year’s England representatives for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Prior to each major games UKAD works with athletes from all UK home teams to ensure they have the specific games-time information and a reinforcement of the clean sport values.

Taking part in the education programme is mandatory as part of the Clean Games Policy signed by Team GB and Paralympics GB.

Squeaky is cherished by many athletes and the campaign acts as a way they can share their commitment to clean sport with their fans and the public.

“Squeaky is a light hearted reflection of the very serious work we put in to supporting clean sport and I’m looking forward to athletes and teams getting behind the campaign,” said Emily Robinson, UKAD’s Director of Strategy and Education Emily Robinson.

“Along with testing and investigations, education is one of UKAD’s core responsibilities and there is no more important time to ensure that athletes know their rights, responsibilities and the rules, than in the run-up to a major competition.”

Since London 2012, there have been six versions of Squeaky, each in different colours that reflect the upcoming games host country.

Ahead of the Tokyo games, and for the first time, Squeaky has been brought to life in a series of animations and graphics which support the various parts of an athlete’s clean sport education.

Once athletes have completed their Clean Sport pre games education programme they will receive their Squeaky duck and will be encouraged to get behind the campaign.

To further raise awareness of the education campaign Squeaky will have their own social media channels which will continue to deliver education messages and interact with athletes and fans.

For more information on the campaign, you can visit the Squeaky home page on the UKAD website by clicking here.