GRAB lottery going a long way to help Marden ABC

December 22, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


The first draw of the new Grassroots Amateur Boxing (GRAB) lottery took place last Saturday (16th December) and the fruits of it are already being enjoyed.

The lottery enables England Boxing clubs to fundraise through their supporters, helping them to raise funds for a range of necessities such as boxing equipment, repairs, travel and beyond.

Over 140 clubs have already signed up for GRAB and over 250 supporters purchased more than 500 tickets between them. Those numbers mean GRAB is currently on course to raise over £10,000 for EB clubs annually.

One of the most successful clubs at fundraising has been Marden ABC, who sold more than 50 tickets ahead of the first draw. Their head coach, Dean Preston explained how GRAB is going a long way towards helping their long-term ambitions.

How easy did you find marketing the lottery to your supporters?

“Most clubs use social media, and we are no different. However, we make sure we remain very active and keep our supporter’s engagement up.

“Boxing Clubs gather interest either through results or by what they are doing within the local community. Having engaged followers is great for when things like GRAB are launched, as we already have their attention.”

Have your supporters asked you any questions?

“They’ve asked very little, just some questions around legitimacy as online adverts can often be fake but confidence in the GRAB lottery was easily established.

“The material provided answered most questions and it’s a very simple concept to understand.”

You mentioned you’re not for profit, why does that make initiatives like GRAB vital to you?

“Being not-for-profit means it is vital that we execute every opportunity to raise funds to help the club sustain and develop.

“Boxing Clubs, in particular, provide a vital service to local communities and I find that supporters are often looking for that opportunity to give back, especially if they can benefit too.”

At Marden you’re looking to purchase your premises, how much do you need to raise and why is it important you do so?

“We are starting a massive fundraising campaign to secure £150k through community asset funding to help purchase our building and complete much-needed renovations.

“Although a lot will be through grants and funding, we need to cover 20% of that overall total ourselves with is £30k. It’s an opportunity we couldn’t let pass to make sure the building stays within the community, the club keeps going and we provide a home for life.

“Things like GRAB go a long way in helping with that.”

Not only has the GRAB lottery been beneficial to Marden ABC, but one of their supporters won a cash prize of £25 in the first draw.

A weekly jackpot of £25,000 is at stake every Saturday, with super draws also set to take place like the one on 30th December 2023, when two tickets to Natasha Jonas vs Mikaela Mayer will be up for grabs.

You can register your England Boxing-affiliated club here, while supporters wishing to get involved can click here.