Additional club check for new coaches

November 19, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing is adding an additional check to their application system for new coaches to ensure no-one is given an ID card unless they are connected to a club.

 The important update will launch today on The Vault (Tuesday 19th November), but will not affect existing England Boxing-affiliated coaches.

From today, every new coach who applies to an England Boxing club must have their initial application confirmed by the club they intend to coach at before England Boxing will process and issue an ID card.

This will now mean that only coaches who will be using their qualification to support England Boxing-affiliated clubs will be able to obtain an ID card.

The change has been made after it has been brought to England Boxing’s attention through feedback that there have been occasions when an attendee of a level one coaching course has obtained an ID card that does not attend the club specified.

Please see the link to the user guide by clicking here to view the new process.