Birmingham City’s Frank pens boxing poem

July 20, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny



A long-serving Midlands boxing coach has written a poem about the sort of boxing he loves.

Birmingham City Boxing Club Frank O Sullivan is an MBE for his services to the sport and is considered a local legend.

You can read his poem below.

The Boxing Alphabet – by Frank O’Sullivan

A            Accuracy… the first lesson to heed

Know what you’re aiming at each time you lead

B            stands for balance, both feet on the floor

It’s balance that counts when you lead to the jaw

C            is for circling, if circle you must

To YOUR right or HIS right makes YOU bite the dust

D            is for defence, with your “cushion” in place

To cover the “wind” and the ribs and the face

E             stands for eyes – watch your man eye to eye

Unceasing, like a spider that’s after a fly

F             is for footwork – attack or defend

To a good, solid base you must always attend

G            for the grit that you need in the ring

Stick out and don’t show that his punches have sting

H            for the handshake at the start of the match

Be sporting – shake heartily – not just a snatch

I             for the interval, seconds three score

Relax and breathe deeply, then ready for more

J             for the judgement that has him at sea

Not sure what the next move will be

K            for the Knockout, beloved by the pros

We’re after the points that the judges cards show

L             for the loser still smiling bright

You’ve lost, never mind, for you put up a fight

M           for the mind that must work out a plan

That feet and hands execute, beating your man

N            for the nose that when hit starts to bleed

So next time your guard must be moved with more speed

O            for the opening that you’ve got to make

For lead or for counter that makes no mistake

P             for the points that you try to collect

With straight lefts and rights that are timed to connect

Q            for the quickness of hand, foot and eye

And mind – of all three the directive ally

R            for the right your defence to arrange

When in with the left it attacks for a change

S             for the science pervading the game

You’re boxing not fighting, they aren’t quite the same

T             for the training for even one round

You wont stand the pace if your wind is not sound

U            for upsetting the tactics applied

Result? Your opponents attack has gone wide

V            for the verdict you take with a smile

For winning or losing, the match was worthwhile

W           Weakness you’re probing to find

In his opposition, but watch for a blind

X             for eXcel, a motive that’s pure

The one thing to aim for and that is for sure

Y             stands for youth – now’s the time to apply

The training of character, ere the years fly

Z             is for Zeal, that I hope you will show

The game asks – and gives – all the best that you know.