Recreational Boxer Medical Examination Form for sparring

June 25, 2019 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing has reintroduced the Recreational Boxer Medical Examination Form (ME1) for any recreational boxer who wishes to spar.

Any recreational boxer wanting to spar in an England Boxing-affiliated club must have a medical with either an England Boxing-registered doctor or their own GP recorded on the ME1 form – and be registered on The Vault.

It is important to be aware that all ME1 forms must be sent to the Regional Association Registrar to record on The Vault to ensure a boxer is insured for the current season.

The current rule regarding sparring for recreational members can be found in the 2019 rule book and is summarised below.

  • 7. Recreational Boxers 2.7.1. A person can be registered with England Boxing as a recreational boxer from the age of 10 years up to the end of the calendar year of their 40th birthday (they may participate in training and sparring) but must be registered on the Vault as a recreational boxer; a recreational boxer must follow the rule (3.7) which governs Sparring should they take part in this activity.
  • 7. Sparring
    • 7.1. Sparring is defined as boxing training where blows are delivered to the target area with significant but reduced force between boxers in preparation for competitive boxing.
    • Sparring is only permitted where a boxer, is registered on The Vault (carded or recreational) and have medical clearance appropriately documented
    • For reasons of safeguarding and safety, under no circumstances is sparring permitted for any boxer under the age of 10 years old
    • Forces Boxers taking part in sparring must have completed an Annual Medical, be declared as Fit To Box by a Military Doctor and not be serving a medical suspension
    • All sparring must be conducted under the supervision of an instructor (minimum of a level 2 coach) who is also a member of England Boxing and registered on The Vault or a qualified and registered England Boxing Referee
    • If a boxer receives a KO or a sparring session is stopped due to a boxer receiving a blow or a combination of blows to the head and or body, then the medical suspensions and concussion protocols detailed in Section 16 MUST be applied. Please also see 16.1.6 and 16.1.7 or the England Boxing rule book.

Should a recreational boxer convert at any point during the season to a boxer who wishes to train to compete, then a BCR1 medical book must be completed, registration updated on The Vault from ‘recreational boxer’ to ‘competitive boxer’ and sent to the Regional Association Registrar to update on The Vault.

Should you have any queries please email and you click to download the Recreational Boxer Medical Examination Form.

It can also be found on the Forms and Resources page of the website under the boxers and competing sub-heading.