NABGCs 2023: Finals Day results

November 27, 2023 | by Chris Boyd


Results of the finals of the National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs Championships (NABGCs) 2023.

A large number of England Boxing-affiliated clubs participated in this year’s NABGCs Boxing Championships.

Bouts were staged in Bridlington on Saturday and Sunday and held across four classes (A to D), with the winners highlighted in bold.

England Boxing would like to congratulate all the winners and all those who took part.

*Bold indicates England Boxing affiliation*

Class A

Male, Under 40kg: Oathy Varey (Box Smart Elite) beat John O’Donnell (West Ham).

Male, Under 42kg: Noah Bacon (Northern Ireland) beat Billy Shortnell (CNC Christchurch).

Male, Under 44kg: Alfie Taylor Satchell (Everton Red Triangle) won via a walkover.

Male, Under 46kg: Joseph Dowson (Bishop Auckland) beat George Francis (Rainham).

Male, Under 48kg: Tommi Lee Horner (Darlington) beat Brody Hart (Llynfi Valley).

Male, Under 50kg: George Ralph (Rainham) beat Connall Farrell (Salisbury).

Male, Under 52kg: Cruz Pryer (Dagenham) beat Arona Fieldhouse (Newell’s).

Male, Under 54kg: Lewis Bennett (Powerday Hooks) beat Joe Williams (District Youth).

Male, Under 57kg: Finny Baker-Chamber (Rainham) beat Caolite Jones (Northern Ireland).

Male, Under 60kg: Dorian Scamardella (Islington) beat Sonny Jennings (Marybone).

Male, Under 63kg: Kobe Clarke (Wildstar) beat Remi Clark (Finchley).

Male, Under 66kg: Sahd Iqbal (Laisterdyke) beat Ethan Teeling (Aston).

Male, Under 70kg: Morris James (Blackbird Leys ABC) beat Mitchel Jones (Llandudno ABC).

Male, Under 75kg: Bailey Wilding (Mikeys) wins via a walkover.

Male, Under 80kg: Jack Morgan (Technique ABC) beat Dante Smart (Black Country).

Male, Over 80kg: Deneal Jackson (Black Country) wins via a walkover.

Female, Under 46kg: Layla Straughan (North Star) beat Freya Chamberlain (Jabxing).

Female, Under 48kg: Lilia Hume (Washington) beat Angelina Rees (Trelewis Boxing Club).

Female, Under 50kg: Rosanna Bycroft (Legions) beat Allisah Bowman (Crowle).

Female, Under 52kg: Elisha Cole (Tommy Coyle) beat Sky Taylor (Premier).

Female, Under 57kg: Tyika Thomas (Anderson ABC) beat Georgie Adams (Moss Side Fire).

Female, Under 60kg: Chloe Holland (RG Boxing) beat Scarlet Darch (Maerdy ABC).

Female, Under 63kg: Mary Love (Priory Park) beat Vivien Rooney (Islington).

Female, Under 75kg: Thabiso Moyd (Leicester Railway) beat Liz McCormick (Cwmavon Hornets).

Class B

Male, Under 44kg: Jayden Saker (Chalvedon) beat Jorge Thompson (Middlesbrough).

Male, Under 46kg: Gabriel Metcalfe (Sandygate ABC) beat Alfie Knipes (Repton).

Male, Under 48kg: Gary Siggary (Leicester Lightning) beat John Doran (VK ABC).

Male, Under 50kg: Jed Baker (Torbay ABC) beat Aamir Shirazi (Top Yard).

Male, Under 52kg: Jaylen Howell (St Mary’s) beat Amaan Hussain (The Purge).

Male, Under 54kg: Leo Harvey Jenkins (Sporting Ring) beat Jake Brown (Sunderland ABC).

Male, Under 57kg: Aaron Bryant (Trowbridge ABC) beat Hashim Hussain (Middlesbrough).

Male, Under 60kg: Jamie Barrett (Powerday Hooks) beat Peter Clarke (4 Corners).

Male, Under 63kg: James Smith (Sandygate) beat Daniel Corcoron (Harrow).

Male, Under 66kg: Bradley Smith (Bishop Auckland) beat Wally Smith (Finchley).

Male, Under 70kg: Frankie Thompson (Bridlington CYP) beat Ethan Clifford (Brighton and Hove).

Male, Under 75kg: Kevin McDonagh (Northside) beat Tyler Youmbi (Repton).

Male, Under 80kg: Joseph McDonagh (White Hart Lane) beat Harvey Turner (Phoenix Fire).

Male, Over 80kg: Malcombe Bello (St Mary’s) beat Callum Lawrie (Heart of England).

Female, Under 46kg: Dolly Sambrook (Hoddesdon) beat Mia Bradshaw (Technique).

Female, Under 50kg: Faith Barrass (Washington) beat Kelsey Jones (Gwynfi ABC).

Female, Under 52kg: Jasmina Lujkaj (Redcar ABC) beat River Thomas (Finchley).

Female, Under 54kg: Megan Payne (Guildford City) beat Neve Wright (Aston).

Female, Under 55kg: Grace Massey (Impact ABC) beat Grace Furlonger (Guildford City).

Female, Under 63kg: Sky Smith (Berinsfield) beat Melia Baker (Torrington Police)

Female, Under 70kg: Ellie Newall (Newall’s) beat Tilly-May Rogers (Paulsgrove).

Class C

Male, Under 48kg: Tyler McIntyre (JC’s) beat Yusuf Uddin (Fearless).

Male, Under 51kg: Abdulrahman Burton (Longsight) beat Patrick Connors (Sporting Ring).

Male, Under 54kg: Zayn Ahmed (Pinewood Starr) beat Matty Attrell (Newham).

Male, Under 57kg: Connor Mitchell (West Ham) beat Leo Wood (Hoddesdon).

Male, Under 60kg: Joe Dunne (Odyssey) beat Callum Seedhouse (Wodensborough).

Male, Under 63.5kg: Jimmy Sheridan (Sporting Ring) beat Aaron Bird (East Durham).

Male, Under 67kg: Charles Brown (Repton) beat Leo Hanna (Northern Ireland).

Male, Under 71kg: George Peacock (Barnard Castle) beat Louis Kirwin (Southampton).

Male, Under 75kg: Jamal Franklin (Blackbird Leys) beat Dylan Edwards (Premier ABC).

Male, Under 80kg: Fabio Walsh (Premier Boxing) beat Dylan Burston (Bideford ABC).

Male, Under 86kg: Bobby Wallace (Belvedere) beat Stephen Samson (Northside).

Male, Under 92kg: Tyrell Jones (Northside) wins via a walkover.

Male, Over 92kg: Leon Hughes (Jennings Gym) beat Kai Anyanwu (Pat Wilson SoB).

Female, Under 48kg: Anya Wilson (Blue Flames) beat Darcie-Rae Munday (Wearmouth BC).

Female, Under 52kg: Dionne Mannion (Marden ABC) beat Ruth Huntley (West Ham).

Female, Under 54kg: Nancy Shepherd (Kent Gloves) beat Lyla Bardauskas (Legions).

Female, Under 57kg: Laylie Heath (Sunderland ABC) beat Tiay Ayton (Barton Hill).

Female, Under 60kg: Ania Kot (Castleford BA) beat Grace Clucas (Paulsgrove).

Female, Under 63kg: Shannon Rochester (Billingham BA) beat Zayhah Casserly (Aston ABC).

Female, Under 72kg: Lilly Dolling (Harrow) beat Shakira Purchase (Yeovil).

Class D

Male, Under 48kg: Reece Readshaw (Phil Thomas SoB) beat Awais Hussain (TKO Barking).

Male, Under 51kg: Aman Ghulam (Warley) wins via a walkover.

Male, Under 54kg: Reegan Jackson (Rainham) beat Jayden Cayenne (Acocks Green).

Male, Under 57kg: Hasan Ishaq (Lucky Gloves) beat Daniel Salmon (Artful Dodger).

Male, Under 60kg: William Hewitt (Leigh) beat Louie Ward (Repton).

Male, Under 63.5kg: Oliver Jones (Croxteth) beat Sammy Varey (Trowbridge ABC).

Male, Under 67kg: Jimmy Dean Wood (Ropes & Glory) beat Reece Kanu (Halton Boxing Club).

Male, Under 71kg: Mason Payne (Ropes & Glory) beat Callum Makin (Rotunda).

Male, Under 75kg: Marc Haughan (Carlisle Villa) beat David Anegbode (Factory).

Male, Under 80kg: Oladimeji Shittu (Fivestar) beat Tyselle Warfall (Team Shoebox).

Male, Under 86kg: Lucas Roehrig (Dale Youth) beat Dumitru Sushinsch (Atlas).

Male, Under 92kg: Tino Rellot (Dale Youth) beat Jacob Lloyd (Brightstar).

Male, Over 92kg: Matthew Williams (Sherringtons) beat Charlie Dykes (Moulescoombe).

Female, Under 48kg: Bobbylee Burns (Kenton ABC) beat Walla Ali (Birmingham City).

Female, Under 50kg: Rhea Kanu (Halton Boxing) beat Leah Regan (Phoenix Boxing).

Female, Under 52kg: Florence Mangeni (Gladiators) beat Carmen Lynch (Porthcawl and Pyle ABC).