England Boxing Introduces ‘The Locker’ and its Key Features 

March 26, 2024 | by Nabillah Akhtar


Earlier this month, England Boxing revealed its collaboration with Sport:80 to develop an innovative management system set to redefine the sport’s administration nationwide. We are thrilled to announce the official name of this new platform: ‘The Locker’. It will serve as a central hub for the community and offer numerous advantages that may not have been available previously. 

Following much deliberation and feedback from our membership, several updates have been integrated into the system as ‘The Locker’ will look to streamline and resolve tech issues that might have arisen in the past.  

 A lot of these changes will be announced in detail over the upcoming months and year, however, here is a preview of what lies ahead: 

  • Digital BCR1’s & Records 
  • Annual Membership Payment – rather than seasonal 
  • Single point membership payments  
  • DBS applications 
  • Course booking 
  • Lanyard/License applications 
  • Championship entry 
  • Permits for Shows & Events 
  • Ranking and matchmaking systems 

All existing data will be securely transferred to the new platform, providing members with a seamless transition from “The Vault” to “The Locker”. Guidance and training will also be given in the lead-up to the launch in the form of booklets, video guides, online workshops and face-to-face surgeries during May, June, July and August. 

 Please be assured that the new platform is very user-friendly, and support will be offered throughout the transition period away from ‘The Vault’. 

 We intend to roll out the new system in three key phases. Members are advised to make a note of these dates, as they are likely to impact how you manage your membership. 

  1. June 1st – December 31st 2024: Official launch of ‘The Locker’: Direct annual membership will be provided in one place; digital BCR1’s (bout & medical records); course booking; applications for licenses/lanyards; resources centre and DBS applications. 
  2. January 1st 2025: Championship Entries revealed: Permit issuing for shows will be available; standardised fees for clubs across the country 
  3. June 2025: Ranking and matchmaking systems will be unveiled: improvements will be implemented & further streamlining of the platform; club Tier system will also be in place to support development. 


One of the most significant updates taking place will involve the transition to digital BCR1s, with paper versions no longer being issued as of June 1st. After this date, all paper BCR1’s should be sent to Regional Registrars so that boxer’s competition records and medical information can be uploaded to ‘The Locker’. 

Boxers scheduled to compete in June 2024 who possess a paper BCR1 – issued prior to June 1st with a valid medical – will be allowed to compete and have their bouts recorded on the paper BCR1 under special dispensation granted by England Boxing for the month of June 2024 only. 

Any boxers that are not competing in June 2024 should return their paper BCR1’s to their Regional Registrar from June 1st. Those boxers competing in July and August should send their paper BCR1’s to Registrars as early as possible to ensure their records are up to date on ‘The Locker’. 

From July 1st 2024, paper BCR1’s will no longer be eligible for use at any competitions, shows or medicals. All bout records and medicals will be digitally recorded on The Locker from that date onwards. 

For anyone who has recently received a medical that is recorded in a paper BCR1 and will still be in date, this record will be transferred over to ‘The Locker’ and future re-medicals will be recorded there as well. 

 All Digital BCR1’s will be conducted by England Boxing registered Doctors or verified by Boxer’s own GP’s (full information on this process will follow), whilst bout records will be posted on the system either during or shortly after each show by the ringside Supervisor.  

This will ensure that all boxer’s records can be viewed in real-time by supervisors, doctors, individual boxers and their club coaches. 

 New Membership Tiers 


 A fresh & simplified tier system has been set up, offering members the flexibility to select a payment option based on their preferences and what is needed for their role. 

  • Tier 1 (£5) Doctors, Armed Forces Boxer, Recreational Boxer 
  • Tier 2 (£12) Competitive Boxers 
  • Tier 3 (£24) Coaches, Officials, or any combination of these and another membership types (i.e. Competitive Boxer / Coach) 

We are also pleased to announce two brand new features at no extra cost that will save clubs & members time and hassle. Members & clubs can now get a full 12 months of membership from the date of their payment, and to avoid members needing to input their details each year, they will have the option to automatically renew their membership as well. 

 ‘The Locker’ gives amateur boxing a great opportunity to modernise its approach and safeguard the sport for years to come. Under this, we will be ensuring that show permits and championship entry fees will be standardised for everyone across the country, removing any geographical differences. 

 England Boxing will still fund Regional Associations to continue to support the sport, but clubs will only have to pay one time in once place to minimise paperwork and administration. 


 A lanyard will now be identified as a license in the new system, all Coaches, Doctors, Officials and Coach Educators will be able to apply for and receive their licenses/lanyards directly through ‘The Locker’. 

For safety reasons, a physical ID card/lanyard will still be issued to those eligible and required to wear them at events. 


During this transition period, we understand that members will have questions that need answering, so please do send them to us using the link below so we can respond either directly to you or to all members on our social media and comms channels. 

Get in touch with us here.