Live results from the England Boxing National Schools Championships 2024 Semi-Finals day, held at Sports Central, Northumbria University in Newcastle on Saturday 11th May 2024.

Please note: Red corner boxers are listed first.

Ring A

Male Cadet, Under 28kgHenry Curtis (Rumbles)Smith Win – WOChristopher Smith (Newham)
Male Cadet, Under 28kgJoseph Blake (West Auckland)Khaled Win – 4-1 Ijaz Khaled (Leicester Unity)
Female Cadet, Under 32kgLois Dutton (Linacre)Evans Win – RSC Darcie Evans (Black Country BA)
Female Cadet, Under 32kgAngelina Chapman (Sporting Ring)Chapman Win – RSCRuby Gibbon (Sturminster Newton)
Male Cadet, Under 34kgSteven Castle (Pinewoood)Castle Win – UnanimousGuv Singh (City of Leicester Lightning)
Male Cadet, Under 34kgJunior McGee (Phil Thomas SoB)Smith Win – 3-2Sam Smith (Rainham)
Male Cadet, Under 40kgJames Flynn (Priory Park)Keet Win – UnanimousShane Keet (HOP)
Male Cadet, Under 40kgWilliam Baker Chambers (Rainham)Chambers Win – UnanimousMason Hamilton (Newbiggin)
Male Cadet, Under 46kgCassian Campbell (Islington)Love Win – UnanimousBilly Love (Priory Park)
Male Class A, Under 30kgOlbie Hare (Sporting Ring)Varley Win – 3-2Brodie Varley (United)
Male Class A, Under 30kgAaron Dutton (Linacre)Rooney Win – WOPaddy Rooney (Newham)
Male Class A, Under 36kgJohnny Saunders (Dagenham)Saunders Win – UnanimousVinny Lamport (Guildford City)
Male Class A, Under 36kg Shaun Smith (Accrington Lions)Botton Win – 3-2Luke Botton (Trentside)
Female Class A, Under 38kgLexii Bradley (Trojan)Hasson Win – 4-1Reyah Hassan (The Ring)
Female Class A, Under 38kgDestiny Jackson (Priory Park)Holloway Win – WOLacey Holloway (Downend)
Male Class A, Under 42kgPatrick Berry (Dagenham)Elam Win – UnanimousJohn Elam (Platinum)
Male Class A, Under 42kgWilliam Delaney (Ringcraft)Delaney Win – UnanimousShea McCusker (Exhall)
Female Class A, Under 46kgErin Chapman (Maldon)Chapman Win – UnanimousAbigail Benette (CoLL)
Male Class A, Under 48kgDylan Donnelly (4 Corners)Donnelly Win – 3-2Oakley Pillenger (Sartan)
Male Class A, Under 48kgCharles Price (Jennings)Buckland Win – RSCLylee Buckland (HOP)
Female Class A, Under 54kgValeria Selska (HOP)Selska Win – 4-1Ophelia Leason (St Pauls)
Male Class A, Under 54kgKoby Morris (Tommy Coyles)Iktkhar Win – RSCJagga Iktkhar (Fearless)
Male Class A, Under 63kgRegan Whey (Rayne)Whey Win – Unanimous Harrison Wright (Littleborough)
Male Class A, Under 63kgZidane Tazeem (Pound 4 Pound)Tazeem Win – RSCEvan Fletcher (Mackenzies)
Male Class B, Under 30kgJohn Chapman (Sporting Ring)Cocksey Win – WOJack Cocksey (Jimmy Egans)
Male Class B, Under 30kgJames McDonagh (Wirral CP)McDonagh Win – UnanimousFrance Jerry O’Donnell (Powerday Hooks)
Male Class B, Under 36kgJohn Hegarty (Rainham)Rimmer Win – UnanimousCole Rimmer (Leigh)
Male Class B, Under 36kgLarry Rooney (Sporting Ring)Rooney Win – UnanimousHenry Howes (Mercia)
Female Class B, Under 40kgSummer Grigg (Second City)Grigg Win – UnanimousElla Welland (Rush Green)
Female Class B, Under 40kgShavarrna Russell (Weston Super Mare)Walton Win – 4-1Mackenzie Walton (CPS)
Male Class B, Under 42kgDeclan Walker (Wirral CP)Hussain Win – UnanimousAzaan Hussain (The Purge)
Male Class B, Under 42kgTiger Sexton (Hoddesdon)Mills Win – UnanimousMoken Mills (Crewkerne)
Female Class B, Under 46kgLily-Ann Jackson (Crowle)Jackson Win – UnanimousMia Sanders (Ramsgate)
Female Class B, Under 46kgLauren Dunlavey (Black Country)Green Win – RSCLily Green (Karmand)
Male Class B, Under 48kgRio Newey (Cleary’s)Cook Win – UnanimousJeff Cook (Beartown)
Male Class B, Under 48kgJimmy Baker (Rainham)Baker Win – UnanimousKian Aragosa (Peterborough Police)
Female Class B, Under 54kgJess Heyburn (Blue Flames)Lee Win – UnanimousLilly Lee (Beartown)
Female Class B, Under 54kgMaryam Chniba (Fighters Republic)McKee Win – UnanimousLetitia McKee (Birkenhead Venture)
Male Class B, Under 54kgRanveer Balog (Black Country)Jubbs Win – 4-1Joe Jubbs (Northside)
Male Class B, Under 54kgBilly Long (Longs)Long Win – 4-1Frankie Smith (Rainham)
Male Class B, Under 63kgAlex Simpson (Bishop Auckland)Mia Win – UnanimousMatty Mia (Gateway)
Male Class B, Under 63kgFreddie Carmen (Boston)Vosper Win – 4-1Sam Vosper (Dagenham)

Ring B

Male Cadet, Under 30kgBradley Delaney (Ringcraft)Delaney Win – UnanimousJenson Wain (Trojan)
Male Cadet, Under 30kgJoey Waring (Metro)Cash Win – UnanimousMyles Joseph Cash (Newham)
Female Cadet, Under 36kg Amelia Al-Jahrani (FKB)Al- Jahrani Win – UnanimousOlivia Arnold (Albion)
Male Cadet, Under 36kg Felix Rooney (Newham)Rooney Win – RSCThomas Paton (JC’s)
Male Cadet, Under 36kgMason Long (Longs)Long Win – UnanimousAdolphus Connor (Birtley)
Female Cadet, Under 38kgAimee Cooper (Henrys)Batson Win – RSCArrya Batson (Braunstone)
Female Cadet, Under 38kgBrooke Longley (White Rose)Kaldani Win – UnanimousPria Kaldani (Billingham)
Male Cadet, Under 42kgLenny Crotty (Longs)Crotty Win – WORiley Mandrill (Training Cave)
Male Cadet, Under 42kgJames Mcann (City of Leicester Lightning)McCann Win – 4-0Soloman Dubois (Rainham)
Male Cadet, Under 48kgJamal Price (Inslington)Tilson Win – UnanimousGeorge Tilson (Hockley)
Male Cadet, Under 48kgJimmy Price (Jennings)Price Win – RSCDuke Squires (Lions Den)
Female Cadet, Under 59kgLila Carragher (No Limits)Carragher Win – UnanimousAyva Mae Hollidge (Dagenham)
Male Class A, Under 32kg Harvey Matthews Fenton (Dagenham)Fenton Win – 3-2Luca Antonio-Lollo (Sporting Ring)
Male Class A, Under 32kgLennox Nixon (Sunderland EastEnd)Gaskin Win – 3-2Tom Gaskin (Bulkington)
Male Class A, Under 38kgAlfie Smith (Pinewood)Smith Win – 3-2Ashton Heath (Hall Green)
Male Class A, Under 38kgMyles Cash (Newham)Cash Win – UnanimousMartin Thompson (Jennings)
Female Class A, Under 40kgImmy Ellis (Donnington)Ellis Win – WOSabrina Hassan (Dale Youth)
Female Class A, Under 40kg Naomi Moore (Rainworth)Moore – UnanimousEvie Lakes (Bridlington)
Male Class A, Under 44kgDaniel Roberts (JCs)Roberts Win – UnanimousFaide Alexiux (Finest)
Male Class A, Under 44kgReggie Sutton (Devonport)Clarke Win – 4-1Lenny Clarke (Counter Punch)
Female Class A, Under 48kgGrace Adshead (NBA)Davies Win 4-0Lexi Davies (RG Boxing)
Female Class A, Under 48kgAmelia Forester (Longs)Forester Win – RSCTallush Birch (Emeralds)
Male Class A, Under 50kgHarry Sweeney (Tyneside)Sweeney Win – RSCJack Hillyer (Newark)
Male Class A, Under 50kgJack Creighton (West Ham)Creighton Win – 3-0George Gentle (The Ring)
Male Class B, Under 32kgFreddie Roast (Dagenham)Roast Win – UnanimousJack Russ (St Marys)
Male Class B, Under 32kgLeo Jones (Droitwich)Nasser Win – 3-2Ali Nasser (Firth Park)
Male Class B, Under 38kgImad Khaled (Leicester Unity)Stokes Win – 3-2Eddie Stokes (Newham)
Male Class B, Under 38kgIsrael Price (Kings)Moloney Win – UnanimousJohnny Moloney (Pinewood)
Female Class B, Under 42kgMaddison Leahy (Ringcraft)Leahy Win – RSCErin Farrell (Willaston)
Female Class B, Under 42kgLilly Bische (CNC Christchurch)King Win – RSCTeigan King (High Fell)
Male Class B, Under 44kgEthan Grey (Hoddesdon)Ahmed Win – UnanimousNawir Ahmed (Islington)
Male Class B, Under 44kgBrad Meale (Bishop Auckland)Wilkinson Win – 3-2Logan Wilkinson (Ashfield SoB)
Female Class B, Under 48kgEliza Malik (Rainham)Malik Win – RSCBeyonce Young (Wildcard)
Female Class B, Under 48kg Anya New (Sunderland East End)New Win – RSCTilly Dowell (Hockley)
Male Class B, Under 50kgLeelee Barney (Pinewood)Pitt Win – 3-2Rogan Pitt (Billingham)
Male Class B, Under 50kgZac Newman (Great Wyrley)Cash Win – 3-2Jimmy Cash (Newham)
Female Class B, Under 57kgFrancesca Goodman (JCs)Goodman Win – 4-1Scarlett Booth (CNC Christchurch)
Female Class B, Under 57kgAnnie Miller (Spennymoor)Miller Win – RSCIsobell Priestly (Newark BA)
Male Class B, Under 57kg Jimmy Dean Smith (Didcot)Dean Smith Win – 3-2Duran Coulson (Craghead)
Male Class B, Under 57kgLevi Smith (City of Leicester Lightning)Dean Smith Win – UnanimousBilly Dean Smith (Repton)
Male Class B, Under 66kg Jacob Read (Fishergate)Farhani-Corbett Win – 4-1Aiden Farhani-Corbett (Walton)
Male Class B, Under 66kgIvor Lee (Manor BA)Lee Win – 3-2Yelida Litombe (Islington)

Ring C

Male Cadet, Under 32kgBeau Sadler (TM Boxing)Small Win – 3-2Preston Small (Billingham)
Male Cadet, Under 32kgNigel Stevens (Sporting Ring)Middleton Win – RSCMichael Middleton (Salisbury)
Male Cadet, Under 38kgJacob McGhie (Karmand)Catanach Win – UnanimousSteve Catanach (Newham)
Male Cadet, Under 38kgMicheal Fitzgibbon (Gemini)Fitzgibbon Win – 4-1Reece Johnson (Sporting Ring)
Female Cadet, Under 42kgMorgan Taylor (Rainham)Taylor Win – RSCCarolina Mongan (Wildcard)
Female Cadet, Under 42kgLayla Williams (Selby)Williams Win – UnanimousLola Fenwick (Phil Thomas SoB)
Male Cadet, Under 44kg Rhys Marshall (Sunderlad)Marshall Win – RSCMitchell Gerchen (Billericay & Wickford)
Male Cadet, Under 44kg Frank Compton (Trowbridge)Scott Win – WOKyrell Scott (Hall Green)
Male Cadet, Under 52kgTyler Grant (Boxing Stables)Khan Win – UnanimousMuadth-Ali Khan (Finchley)
Male Cadet, Under 54kgReggie Ford (Croygas)Ford Win – UnanimousBlaise McConnell (CPS)
Male, Class A, Under 34kgNoah Worth (Billingham)Worth Win – 3-2Jake White (High Wycombe)
Male Class A, Under 40kgJayden Price (Truth)Price Win – UnanimousTed Saunders (CSM)
Male Class A, Under 40kgAlfie Birks (Bulkington)Birks Win – UnanimousThomas Hone (Wilby Carr)
Female Class A, Under 42kgMia Gardener (Brandon)Wright Win – 3-2Pippa Wright (Salisbury)
Female Class A, Under 42kgSharon Cawley (Gladiators)Kettle Win – UnanimousSkye Kettle (Chalvedon)
Male Class A, Under 46kgKobi Collins (Sanctus)Green Win – RSCAlfie Green (Panthers)
Male Class A, Under 46kgCian O’Reilly (Nottingham SoB)McDonagh Win – DQJohn McDonagh (White Hart Lane)
Female Class A, Under 51kgVerity Page (Mackenzies)Beecher Win – UnanimousLaylah Beecher (Tommy Coyles)
Male Class A, Under 52kgKai McNally (Shiremoor)Heald Win – RSCTommy Heald (Chorley)
Male Class A, Under 52kgJohn Coverdale (Newark)Gonzalez Win – WOAdrian Gonzalez (Islington)
Female Class A, Under 60kgLexi Sprangle (Mayflower)Heywood Win – 3-2Daria Heywood (Lord Mountbatten)
Female Class A, Under 60kgErin Bigley (FKB)Jones Win – 4-1Serena Jones (Leamington Community)
Male Class A, Under 60kgFrasier O’Brien (Droylsden)Dickinson Win – RSCEvander Dickinson (Birtley)
Male Class B, Under 34kgSam Robinson (Lions)Curtis Win – UnanimousStanly Curtis (Rumbles BA)
Male Class B, Under 34kgMax Hudson (Newham)Lawther Win – 4-1Billy Lawther (District Youth)
Male Class B, Under 40kgBernie Price (Kings)Price Win – 4-1Cole Morgan (Wirral CP)
Male Class B, Under 40kgWilliam Sanders (Sporting Ring)Sanders Win – UnanimousJain Nije (All Stars)
Female Class B, Under 44kgLauren Jennings (Seacroft)Jennings Win – RSCBrooklyn McCallum (Easington)
Female Class B, Under 44kg Elsie Warren (Atomic ABC)Nicholson Win – RSCTeanna Nicholson (Camp Detox)
Male Class B, Under 46kgShiloh McLeod (TM Boxing)McLeod Win – RSCArnie Roberts (Gemini)
Male Class B, Under 46kg Charlie Keet (HOP)Keet Win – RSCCharlie Robshaw (Platinum)
Female Class B, Under 51kgTighan Hunting (City of Leicester Lightning)Hunting Win – 3-0Peyton-Marie Jeffery (Horsham)
Male Class B, Under 52kgAsa Rafferty (Baker Street)Rafferty Win – 4-1Richard Ireland (Blackrod)
Male Class B, Under 52kgDanny Brown (Ropes & Glory)Morton Win – 4-1Robert Morton (Lions Den)
Female Class B, Under 60kgTaylor Williams (Blue Flames)Rochester Win – UnanimousGracie Rochester (Billingham)
Female Class B, Under 60kgFaith McGlinchy (Seacroft)Lane Win – 3-2Ronnie Lane (Gemini)
Male Class B, Under 60kgAbdulrahman Zazay (Bil Sha Boxing Club)Gray Win – Unanimous Sam Gray (District Youth)
Male Class B, Under 60kgSonnie Starbuck (Boxing Stables)Pearson Win – RSCOtis Pearson (Newark)
Male Class B, Under 70kgCharlie Middleton (Blackrod)Muir Win – RSCAustine Muir (Cleethorpes Trinity)
Male Class B, Under 75kgFreddie Butcher (Gatesway)Frankham Win – UnanimousJohn Frankham (Camberly)
Male Class B, Under 75kgRiley Gunn (North Star)Gunn Win – UnanimousLucas Power (Knowsley Vale)