London Boxing recognises Terry Gillam with inaugural Life Vice Presidency

April 20, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


London Boxing has presented Terry Gillam with a special award for more than 50 years of tireless service to the sport of amateur boxing, both within and beyond the region.

The presentation took place at the most recent meeting of the region’s Executive Committee.

It is the first time London has nominated a Life Vice President, and the trophy and position together acknowledge Terry’s continued commitment and dedication as a long-standing volunteer to the sport.

From his own amateur boxing career to his current work in the London Region as Head of Disciplinary and member of the Referees and Judges Committee, Terry has made an invaluable contribution to England Boxing’s services to its membership.

A member of Smallholdings ABC, he has also made a wider impact on the community, supporting young people through his chairmanship and stewarding of a number of charities, including the Sir Philip Game and Timebridge Centres.

Terry is pictured receiving his award, a welcome representation of the widespread admiration and respect in which he is held.