Junior and Schools GB Three Nations Results

May 21, 2018 | by Gemma Field


Junior and Schools GB Three Nations Result

Team England have had a successful weekend at the Schools and Junior GB Three Nations in Scotland. Lead by Coach Amanda Coulson the 28 strong team have come away with 18 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals.

Team Manager Cliff Perkins commentated on the bouts below.


48kg Billie Denholm SCO  V Morgan Ansell ENG

Morgan got straight in to her boxing using her reach to connect with pin-point precision.

The Scot was game and rushed forward throwing combinations which scored at times

The second was much the same with Morgan working well behind her long jab

This was a well fought bout by both boxers, controlled throughout by Morgan.

Morgan won the bout by a 4-1 split. 


52kg Louis Small ENG V Jordan Spence SCO

Louis started the bout well controlling the ring with his footwork and precision punching

As the bout progressed the boxers began to wrestle each other in order to gain an advantage.

Louis landing the better punches with both hands.

The combinations thrown by Louis landed with both power and accuracy to secure a unanimous victory. 


54 kg Hayley Grover SCO V Maisey-Rose Courtney ENG

Maisey boxed in a very confident stance with her hands low inviting her opponent in, picking off her opponent as she came in.

In the second round the Scot came forward with pace, which allowed Maisey to counter well

Maisey switched stances and threw shots from all angles with both hands to earn a unanimous decision.


56kg Loan Croft SCO V Joe Tyers ENG

Joe controlled the first with good hand speed and footwork, working in and out of range

The second was much the same as the first with Joe landing the cleaner shots

The third got a little scrappy, but Joe maintained control to win by a unanimous decision.


57kg Elise Glynn ENG V Kelsey Coleman WAL

Elise being the taller boxer stood off of her opponent with low hands and boxed at range

The Scot tried to tie up and wrestle Elise, who moved well around the ring whilst landing her punches with both hands.

A commanding performance by Elise earned her a unanimous win.


60kg Jimmy Sains ENG V Rhys Edwards WAL

In the all action bout both boxers gave everything as they tried to control the contest

With combinations by both coming in thick and fast the bout was swinging in each others favour continuously.

The split decision went to the Welsh boxer 3-2. 


64kg Hassan Azim ENG V Jamie Janes WAL

Hassan started the bout well boxing with style, countering the Welsh opponent as he came forward

This he continued to do in the second and third rounds with ease

This was a very confident and stylish display by Hassan earning him a unanimous decision. 


69kg Sam Hickey SCO V Owen Cooper ENG

Owen took the fight to the Scot who for some strange reason didn’t want to use his reach advantage, instead he wanted to mix it.

Owen was happy in the middle of the ring trading punches.

This was an entertaining bout throughout with the Scot competing well inside.

Sadly for Owen the 4-1 decision went against him.




42kg Ben Wettere WAL V Kyle Quinn ENG

A good start for Kyle who boxed well off his back foot picking off the Welsh boxer as he came forward.

The second was an even round with both boxers scoring with both hands to the head and body.

This was a very entertaining bout with two excellent stylists, both looking to secure the gold medal.

The decision went to Kyle by a 3-2 split.


44kg Scott Richards WAL V Robert Dunn ENG

Robert began the bout well boxing at range, the Welsh boxer came forward throwing flurries of punches in a bid to unsettle Robert.

The second round was much the same with Robert keeping his shape behind his straight shots.

The third saw Robert go up a gear and apply more pressure, which earned him a unanimous win.


46kg Lennon Mulligan SCO V William Hewitt ENG

Will started the bout at range with straight shots as the Scot came in swinging.

As the bout went on the Scot pressed forward loading his punches trying to end the bout.

Will kept his shape and boxed behind his guard.

The bout could have gone either way.

The 3-2 split went to the Scot.


50kg Chantel Whiting ENG V Zoe Andrews WAL

Chantel being the shorter boxer needed to get inside to unload her shots, the Welsh boxer was good with straight shots at range

The last round saw the Welsh boxer charge forward throwing flurries of shots, Chantel moved in and out of range making most of her punches miss.

The bout could have gone either way, however Chantel nicked the 3-2 split decision.


50kg Sahil Khan ENG V David Quinn SCO

Sahil started the round well with accurate single shots to the head and body on the occasion throwing combinations.

In the second the Scot came out all guns blazing in a bid to take control.

Sahil kept his cool and boxed well landing with good punches with both hands.

This stylish performance earned him a unanimous win.


52kg Courtney Scott ENG V Emily McDonald SCO

Courtney being the much shorter of the two had to work her way inside to land her punches to both body and head.

As Courtney came in she was caught at times with straight shots by the Scot.

With her work rate high Courtney won the bout by a unanimous decision.


52kg Gerard McTaggert SCO V William Tyers ENG

Will being the taller of the two kept the Scottish boxer away using his reach with straight shots.

The Scot pressed continually at times landing some lovely shots.

Will used superior footwork and fast hand speed to earn a unanimous decision. 


54kg Sasha Hickey ENG V Nicole Stewart SCO

Sasha’s southpaw stance seemed to phase the Scot as she dominated the round with work rate, footwork and speed.

In the second round Sasha pinned her opponent in the corner on numerous occasions whilst she unloaded punches to the head and body with both hands.

Late in the round the Scottish corner threw the towel in to save their boxer taking anymore punishment.


54kg Sonny Driscoll ENG V Alex O’Sullivan WAL

Sonny started the bout well with good footwork, enabling him to work in and out of range.

The Welsh boxer was very game and pressured throughout.


57kg Kelsey-Marie Uscroft ENG V Caitin Grover SCO

Kelsey picked off her opponent with straights shots from her southpaw stance, the Scot came forward with speed but was unable to make it count as Kelsey used her footwork to move in and out of range.

Kelsy dominated all three rounds earning her a unanimous win.


57kg Scott Jones WAL V Adam Amzim ENG

Adam set out to dominate the round, with his clinical punching .His hooks to the body and whipping over hand rights were devastating.

In the second the Welsh boxer tried to apply pressure but Adam stuck to his plan and picked off his opponent continually.

The third was much the same, the commanding performance by Adam caused the referee to step in and stop the contest to prevent Jones from taking anymore punishment.


60kg Kyle Kerr SCO V Huey Malone ENG

Huey being the smaller of the two in this bout didn’t let up as he pushed forward.

The Scot was very stylish and accurate with his punches

In the second the relentless pressure from Huey began to pay off. The Scot began to tire and hold, which he received a warning for.

The last round was the same as the second with Huey pressing forward landing with upper-cut upon upper-cut.

The Scot again was warned for holding again in the third round.

Huey won by a unanimous decision.


70kg Gary Richards WAL V John Hedges ENG

John settled early behind his long reach, as the Welsh boxer became frustrated he pressed forward allowing John to score with upper-cuts.

The second round was much like the first, John however seemed to concentrate on firing shots into the body, at times allowing his opponent to close in with his punches.

In the last round the Welsh boxer came forward and tried to tie up John who struggled to stay long.

John won the bout by a unanimous decision.


80kg Daniel McMurry SCO V Joseph Joel ENG

The bout started with both boxing from an upright stance, the round was fairly even with Joel landing a lead hand hook where the referee awarded the Scot with a standing count.

The second round saw the Scot rally and apply pressure which had Joel on his back foot.

Joel was under pressure throughout the last round, when he scored with his punches, the Scot seemed to come back with more.

The decision was a 4-1 split to the Scottish boxer.

A good start to Joel’s England career.
Thank you to all the wonderful coaching team that have made this weekend possible.