Club case study: new Attleborough Boxing Club initiative StreetBox providing safe space

November 25, 2022 | by Chris Boyd


Attleborough Boxing Club is a club which is renowned for its excellence and for providing a safe space for local young people.

The club has built on this reputation, having recently set up a new programme known as StreetBox which enables youths to gain qualifications such as first aid or safeguarding and work toward becoming coaches if they wish.  

Located in Norfolk, the initiative is run by Attleborough’s coaches, as well as the young youth champions at that club, who give up their spare time to volunteer.

Regular events consist of taking to the streets with basic equipment from their gym and setting up their recognisable blue gazebos with the StreetBox logo. That gazebo has come to represent a safe space for young locals, from whatever they may be running from.   

The project isn’t limited to boxing though, as it encourages individuals to chat and, if necessary, confide with one another.

They can also find other youth clubs in their local area, with the objective to allow them to figure out what they like and what they need to achieve their goals. 

Since the beginning, StreetBox has found itself consistently setting up in new areas of the town with the aim of reaching and positively influencing as many of the Norfolk youth as they possibly can. 

StreetBox believe having boxing at the core of the project will instil confidence and character into their young people – all while helping them physically and mentally. It is due to this that they work closely with the mental health charity, ‘Mind’. 

The project has also been supported by the local police, the town and district councillors, as well as attracting support from local businesses who are keen to champion the support and development of young people in their area.

StreetBox hopes to take this initiative nationwide. They believe that they can work to get kids off the streets, help with their mental health and put those at risk onto a different path, one that leads to a productive future.

They wish to grow and develop with acceptable, local partners and show the togetherness of local communities while ensuring all involved gain qualifications and continue their development.