Bookings open for new progression workshops for Level 2 coaches

February 16, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing has launched its Level 2 Progression Workshops for current Level 2 coaches looking to take the next step.

The online workshops are a good way of evidencing the kind of continuous professional development (CPD) that is needed to be selected to take part in the England Boxing Level 3 coaching course, as well as helping to add to a Level 2 coach’s existing skillset.

The workshops are divided into two three-hour sessions with a two-week gap in between.

Workshops on three key areas are currently available:

  • Club Coach Leader
  • Competition Lead Coach
  • Integration and Applied Sport Science.

There is no pass/fail criteria for these workshops, although you must be engaged and willing to contribute to demonstrate your understanding.

The cost to attend each workshop is £20 (20 participants max per workshop). For more details on the courses, click here.

Dates of the workshop are outlined on the Level 2 coaching courses page of the website, where you can also book a place. View it by clicking here.

Please note that you must be an England Boxing Level 2-qualified coach to take part in one of these workshops.