Youth, Junior and Schools England Talent boxers confirmed for 2022-23

May 18, 2022 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing can today confirm the boxers who have been placed on the Talent Pathway at Youth, Junior and Schools levels for 2022-23.

For Youth and Junior boxers, the programme has been changed from the three-tiered structure of Excel, Challenge and Discovery to a two-tiered one of England Squad and Discovery.

England squads have a camp every month and are eligible to represent England at major tournaments.

Discovery is a developmental programme where boxers can access the expertise of the England coaches at training camps to help them get onto the England squad in the future.

All Schools boxers on the Talent Programme will be part of the Schools Academy, with four training camps planned across this year.

Boxers will remain on the Pathway until just before the next National Championships for their age group.

Elite boxers who will go on the Talent Pathway will also be confirmed shortly.

England Squad – Youth and Junior


Kg Name Club Gender Age Category
48 Mikie Tallon Lee Jones Male Youth
48 Reuben Muston Whitley Male Youth
51 Amaan Ghulam Warley Male Youth
51 Leo Wood Guildford Male Youth
54 Owen Ketley Lionheart Male Youth
54 Tom Welland New City Male Youth
57 Frankie Wood West Ham Male Youth
57 Connor Mitchell West Ham Male Youth
57 Thomas Varey Jennings Male Youth
60 Kia Battista Birtley Male Youth
60 Danny Lynch Sherrington’s Male Youth
60 Nelson Birchall Sharpstyle Male Youth
60 Freddie Pullen West Ham Male Youth
60 Louie Ward Rainham Male Youth
60 Billy Cooper Pound Lane Male Youth
63.5 Osama Mohamed Lions Male Youth
67 Levi Barnes Jennings Male Youth
67 Lewis Lawton Impact Male Youth
71 Jimmy Dean Wood Westree Male Youth
71 Jim Smith Box Smart Elite Male Youth
75 Luke Turner Phoenix Fire Male Youth
80 Derelle McKenzie Hall Green Male Youth
92 Damar Thomas Powerday Hooks Male Youth
92+ Enriko Itauma Westree Male Youth
48 Maddie Gittins St Paul’s Female Youth
48 Frances Coope 2nd City Female Youth
50 Ebony Jones Scunthorpe Female Youth
52 Lauren Mackie Burton Park Female Youth
54 Emily Whitworth The People’s Gym Female Youth
57 Paige Howarth Howarth Female Youth
57 Jayne Bardauskas Almond’s Female Youth
60 Zara Aitchson Team Shoebox Female Youth
60 Sophie Shaw Impact Female Youth
66 Shannon Rochester New Welfare Female Youth
70 Madison Adkins Bodyshot Redditch Female Youth
75 Amber Moss-Birch Golden Ring Female Youth
36 Gary Siggery Burton Park Male Junior
40 Riley Murray West Ham Male Junior
42 Eddy Doherty Camberley Male Junior
44 Harry Penny West Ham Male Junior
44 John Tom Varey Box Smart Elite Male Junior
46 Mohammed Safari The Ring Male Junior
46 Niall Tee Far Cotton Male Junior
48 Louis Szeto Gemini Male Junior
48 Joshua Jarvis West Ham Male Junior
50 Leighton Birchall Sharpstyle Male Junior
50 Patrick Connors Sporting Ring Male Junior
54 Adam Macca Rumbles Male Junior
57 Zayan Sadiq Pinewood Male Junior
57 Luke Rodda West Ham Male Junior
57 Kyle Page 2nd City Male Junior
60 Harry Burke Chadwell St Mary Male Junior
63 Martin Nathan Barrett Powerday Hooks Male Junior
66 Callum Kilmore-Walsh High Wycombe Male Junior
70 Chrissace Mendez Gladiators Male Junior
70 Joe Cooper Pinewood Male Junior
75 Charlie Cooper Newham Male Junior
80+ Conor McCormack Panthers Male Junior
42 Ellie Traynor Seacroft Female Junior
48 Ruby White Sturminster Female Junior
50 Keira Bowden Redcar Female Junior
50 Millie Fairfax Titans Female Junior
52 Alice Pumphrey The Purge Female Junior
52 Yazmin Surin Rumbles Female Junior
52 Ruth Huntley Rainham Female Junior
54 Ella Lonsdale Sunderland East End Female Junior
57 Nancy Shepherd Kent Gloves Female Junior
57 Monae Smith Sharpstyle Female Junior
60 Tiah-Mai Ayton Barton Hill Female Junior

Discovery boxers – Youth and Junior


Kg Name Club Gender Age Category
38kg Alfie Knips Repton Male Junior
40kg Liam Warren Prospects Male Junior
40kg Aamir Shirazi Top Yard Male Junior
42kg Emily Anderson Peterborough Police Female Junior
42kg Sean Curry North Road Gym Male Junior
44kg Kasim Ashiq Gloves Male Junior
44kg Emal Hamdam Repton Male Junior
46kg Faye Brown Cambois Miners Female Junior
46kg John Dixon Brandon Male Junior
46kg Billy Macey West Ham Male Junior
48kg Scarlett McAllen New Kings Female Junior
48kg Olena Heagney Gladiators Female Junior
48kg Macauley Kelsall Tom Hill Male Youth
48kg Charlie Walters Lionheart Male Junior
48kg Jake Brown Olympian Male Junior
48kg Adam Conlan Croxteth Male Junior
50kg Neve Lawson Seconds Out Female Youth
50kg Sinead Willbye Phoenix Female Youth
50kg Lavina Ghai Pinewood Female Youth
50kg Neve Wright Aston Female Junior
50kg Jake Hornsby Chadwell St Mary’s Male Junior
51kg Aneek Hushen Halliwell Male Youth
51kg Alex Jansen Bishop Auckland Male Youth
52kg Dionne Manion Marden Female Youth
52kg Laylie Heath Sunderland Female Junior
52kg Joe Turner Halifax Male Junior
52kg Donovan Ahem Hoddesdon Male Junior
54kg Amy Nolan Right Stuff Female Youth
54kg Libby Ellis Rumbles Female Youth
54kg Olivia Williams Tommy Coyle Female Youth
54kg Lucia Cooke Impact Female Junior
54kg Demi Jackson Wednesbury Female Junior
54kg Geneva Jones Leicester Lightning Female Junior
54kg Zachary Phee Rumbles Male Youth
54kg Haris Zaman Middlesbrough Male Youth
54kg Aman Kumar Cleary’s Male Youth
54kg Lewis Guy Cambois Miners Male Youth
54kg Josh Rose Hall Green Male Youth
54kg Jonas Railton Seconds Out Male Junior
54kg Shae Gowler Peterborough Male Junior
57kg Madeleine Wright Blake Female Youth
57kg Kayleigh Goodwin Heart of England Female Youth
57kg Lia Crowe Queensbury Police Female Youth
57kg Zaynah Casserly Ashton Female Junior
57kg Max Schultz Billericay Male Youth
57kg Kamran Ali Natural Progression Male Youth
57kg Keegan Clark Wirral CP Male Youth
57kg Jack Doran Blackrod Male Junior
60kg Macey Gardner Arena Female Youth
60kg Imogen French North Road Gym Female Junior
60kg Faye Marshall Walsall Wood Female Junior
60kg Libby Frost Beartown Female Junior
60kg Scarlett Bewick Wearmouth Female Junior
60kg Sonny Williams East Durham Male Youth
60kg Harvey Orriss Guildford City Male Youth
60kg Aaron Bird Olympian Male Youth
60kg Mikey Evans Rotunda Male Youth
60kg Zakariyya Khan Lucky Gloves Male Junior
60kg Archie Bell FFG Male Junior
60kg Sam Hardy Newark Male Junior
60kg Charlie Brown West Ham Male Junior
63.5kg Daniel Kerrigan Box Smart Elite Male Youth
63.5kg William Spalding Cambois Miners Male Youth
63.5kg Ellis Panter Burton Park Male Youth
63.5kg Brannon Hudson Forest Hall Male Youth
63kg Abby Briggs Hunslet Female Youth
63kg Ryan Scotland Wodensborough Male Junior
66kg Annika Yates Doncaster Plant Female Youth
66kg Maisie Morgan MTK Amateurs Female Junior
66kg Rubi Smallwood Macclesfield Female Junior
66kg Skye Smith Berinsfield Female Junior
66kg Alfie Briggs-Price Newark Male Junior
67kg John Dugdale Leigh Male Youth
67kg Louis Kirwan Golden Ring Male Youth
70kg Lilly Deacon Hunslet Female Junior
71kg Marc Haughan Carlisle Villa Male Youth
71kg Dennis Whittington Moulsecoomb boxing club Male Youth
75kg Lexi Dixon Wigton Female Junior
75kg Thomas Robinson South Derbyshire Male Youth
75kg Henry Rowbotham Hartlepool Elite Male Youth
75kg Qasim Khan One Nation Male Youth
75kg Adrian Polis St Ives Male Junior
75kg Bernie McDonagh Ardwick Lads Male Junior
80+kg Alfie Goodhall Catholic Club Male Junior
80kg Joel Blakeley Ardwick Male Youth
80kg Joe Lister Gladiators Male Youth
80kg Ben Collins Lions Male Youth
80kg Joe Hodgkinson Olympian Male Youth
80kg Alfie Baker Peterborough Police Male Junior
80kg Thomas Flynn Knowsley Vale Male Junior
86kg Harley Carberry Billingham Male Youth
86kg Lewis Rose Sturminster Male Youth
86kg Jack Blencowe Attleborough Male Youth
92kg Zac Nearney Cheethorpes Trinity Male Youth
92kg Charlie Dykes Moulsecoomb Male Youth
92kg Toby Wheeldon South Derbyshire Male Youth

Schools Academy


Kg Name Club Gender Age Category
30 Ollie Ridgeley The Finest Male Class A
30 Charlie Ward Pinewood Male Class A
32 James Khan Hoddesdon Male Class A
32 Azan Ahmed Newham Male Class A
34 Mason Watson Border City Male Class A
34 Simon O’Donnell Pinewood Male Class A
35.5 Johnny Saunders St Marys Male Class A
35.5 Zack Rackevic Repton Male Class A
37 Isa Hussain Longsight Male Class A
37 Archie Coates Rainham Male Class A
38.5 Brayden Dyer 2nd City Male Class A
38.5 Billy-Kane Watts Repton Male Class A
40 Ronnie Boon PEJ Male Class A
40 Kai Walsh Bodyshots Male Class A
41.5 Joshua Sharp Coastal Male Class A
41.5 Johnny Collins Camberley Male Class A
43 Yashua Fleming TM Boxing Male Class A
43 Oliver Eastdown APB Male Class A
44.5 Liam Freaney Birkenhead Venture Male Class A
44.5 Alfie Holman HOP Male Class A
46 Freddy Steadman WKD Male Class A
46 Dylan Gibson Islington Male Class A
48 Oliver Nickolds Hoddesdon Male Class A
48 Tommy Stevens Tenderden Male Class A
50 Rhys Cheetham Ormskirk Male Class A
50 Kevin Rogers Sheffield City Male Class A
52 Sonny Hollingsworth Billingham Male Class A
52 Jagvir Walia CSM Male Class A
54 James Scott Lambton St Male Class A
54 Kayden O’Shea Old Swan Male Class A
56 Bobby-Joe Smith Priory Park Male Class A
56 Keiron Hatton Berinsfield Male Class A
59 William Loveridge Camberley Male Class A
59 Alfie Till Walsall Wood Male Class A
62 Joseph Hartill Priory Park Male Class A
62 Hughie Nevin Boxing Stables Male Class A
72 Jamie Barrett High Wycombe Male Class A
72 Harry Welch Willaston Male Class A
105 Finley Wilks Riddings Male Class A
105 James Doyle Prospects Male Class A
36 Dollie Fellows Hall Green Female Class A
36 Leah Paylor Wimborne Female Class A
39 Nevaeh Mai Brierley Tigers Female Class A
39 Fallon Anderson Sunderland East End Female Class A
42 Jaya Kasi Cleary’s Female Class A
45 Serena Mali Cleary’s Female Class A
45 Lily Bassett TM Boxing Female Class A
51 Niamh May JC’s Female Class A
51 Ruby Took Crowle Female Class A
57 Siobhan Haly Hunslet Female Class A
57 Rihanna Holden Phil Thomas Female Class A
60 Emily Giles Wimborne Female Class A
60 Nancy Richmond Stratford Upon Avon Female Class A
63 Tamzin King High Fell Female Class A
90 Dominic Wanters Sudbury Male Class B
72 Crimea Varey Accrington Lions Male Class B
30 Finn Lister Blackrod Male Class B
30 Finley Gates Sailsbury Male Class B
32 George Hobden Repton Male Class B
32 Jamie Preston Rotunda Male Class B
34 Alfie Taylor-Satchell ERT Male Class B
34 Edward McDonagh Pinewood Male Class B
35.5 Jake McCoy Tower Hill Male Class B
35.5 Dean Goodearl Rainham Male Class B
37 Eshaan Shaker Priory Park Male Class B
37 Jake Preston Rotunda Male Class B
38.5 Harry Scadeng Repton Male Class B
38.5 Lewis Coston Redcar Male Class B
40 George Francis Repton Male Class B
40 Joshua Whittle JC’s Male Class B
41.5 Danny Hall Sailsbury Male Class B
41.5 Bill Connors Rainham Male Class B
43 George Ralph Rainham Male Class B
43 Joseph Dowson Bishop Auckland Male Class B
44.5 Daniel Joyce Boxing Stables Male Class B
44.5 Joe Williams District Youth Male Class B
46 Miles Hilden POW Male Class B
46 Finny Baker-Chambers Repton Male Class B
48 Benny Tokeley West Ham Male Class B
48 Noah Barney-Smith Camberley Male Class B
50 Paddy McDonagh White Hart Lane Male Class B
50 Hayden Young Lydney Male Class B
52 George Sheppard Rainham Male Class B
52 Tom Connors Synwell Male Class B
54 Amrenollah Sahak Rainham Male Class B
54 Issac Huczmann Leicester Lightening Male Class B
56 John Hodgkins Mikey’s Male Class B
56 Joe Jeff Sturminster Male Class B
59 Anthony McCarthy Camberley Male Class B
59 Johnny Oaks Five Star Male Class B
62 Bernie McDonagh Ardwick Lads Male Class B
62 Johnny Crittenden Pinewood Male Class B
65 Bailey Wilding Mikey’s Male Class B
65 Martin Ward Rainham Male Class B
68 Luke Harper Weedon Male Class B
68 Johnny Murphy Sporting Ring Male Class B
80 Ali Azger Ahmady Timperley Male Class B
80 Tobias Taylor New Saints Male Class B
39 Elvie Thursting Brentwood Youth Female Class B
39 Layla Straughan North Star Female Class B
42 Ella Doe Mackenzie’s Female Class B
42 Lexi Clifton Priory Park Female Class B
45 Ruby Cuthbertson District Youth Female Class B
45 Cleo Wilkie Wirral CP Female Class B
48 Daisy-May Constable Westree Female Class B
48 Marion Zubrycki Seacroft Female Class B
51 Mary Love Priory Park Female Class B
51 Rosanna Bycroft Legions Female Class B
54 Maicey Brown Riddings Female Class B
54 Ruby Allan Legions Female Class B
57 Rianna Doforo Peoples Gym Female Class B
57 Demi Greenidge Finchley Female Class B
63 Gracie Farnworth Halliwell Female Class B
63 Lexi Walker Wodensborough Female Class B
67 Elsie-May Kennedy Tenterden Female Class B
67 Shannon Warren Prospects Female Class B