Why clubs need your support to #KOCOVID19: North Star, Tyne Tees and Wear

April 6, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


North Star Community Boxing Club are in their fourth season and in January have just taken on the whole of the building they previously part-occupied.

They have knocked out walls and made their space bigger to accommodate their growth of members as well as in a bid to include the surrounding community in new classes.

These initiatives have included working with a local school, a female-only class and an all-inclusive class. They currently have 63 members, with 21 of those carded to box.

With gyms having to close, and a subsequent loss in membership subs, the club is really struggling to raise the extra rent that needs to be paid each month – and finish off any work that has to be done.

Any donations they get will be used for this purpose and be greatly received here.

You can find out more details and support a participating club of your choice by going to: www.englandboxing.org/clubs/kocovid19/

Follow all the latest on the campaign across social media using the hashtag #KOCOVID19