England Boxing shadow boxing drills – week four

April 15, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing Performance Coach Mick Driscoll guests are putting together weekly shadow boxing drills that can be used to help keep fit at home during the Coronavirus pandemic – and here are week four’s drills.

With clubs and gyms across the country having been now instructed to close their doors until further notice, these regular sessions will help maintain sharpness while regular training is on hold.

“A lot of boxers of all ages have been training hard over the winter and we don’t want to let their efforts go to waste during this unfortunate and enforced period of club inactivity,” said Driscoll.

“These exercises are designed to help boxers stay strong and practise outside of their comfort zone. Be Adaptable, be Independent, be Robust, be Resilient; be AIRR with England Boxing.”

This week’s three drills come courtesy of England Boxing DiSE hubs the SGS College, Bristol (day one) and Gateshead College (day two) and Joe Gallagher Academy, Manchester (day three).

By using these drills, boxers are doing this at their own risk and must ensure they have adequate and non-slip floor space in which to participate. They must also have no health concerns.

Recommended exercise durations

3x3mins for Youth and Elite boxers.

3x2mins for Juniors boxers.

3×1.5mins Schools boxers.

Day 1 (SGS College, Bristol)

R1: Lead Hand. A round of shadow using your lead hand only. Be as creative as possible incorporating a range of punches – jab, screw shot, long range and mid-range hooks. Remember to use feints and set up shots to set up your attacks.

R2: First and last puncher. In this round, really visualise your opponent in front of you (as you should always do when shadow boxing). When you enter into and exchange with your opponent, you need to be the boxer who beats your opponent to the punch as well as finishing the exchange with the last punch. This will catch the judge’s eye, cause your opponent trouble when they want to set up an attack and enable you to control the pace of the bout.

R3: Favourite Boxer. Imagine your favourite boxer… now in this round you have to box them. Think for yourself incorporate all the techniques and tactics you have learnt to win a round against your favourite boxer.

Day 2 (Gateshead College) 

R1: Boxing on rear foot against short counter puncher.

R2: Boxing on front foot, drawing attack and countering with switch of attack to head and body.

R3: Phases of attack using mainly first and second line defences.

Day 3 (Joe Gallagher Academy, Manchester)

R1: Long range shots only.

R2: Switch the attack (and change the range).

R3: Switch your stance.

Questions/things to ask yourself

  • How do you apply your style to each situation?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Think about ring craft, position, shape, tempo, range, balance
  • Set up and share your own themes

A new schedule of shadow boxing drills will be posted next week.