England coaches deliver interactive, online DiSE session

April 1, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


Around 30 members of the Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme joined England Talent coaches Mick Driscoll, Ivan Cobb and Adam Haniver for an interactive online session using the Zoom Conferencing app.

Students from across the country’s six DiSE centres – Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (South East), The Spotlight Centre (London), SGS College, Bristol (Western), University College, Birmingham (Midlands), The Joe Gallagher Academy, Manchester (North West/Merseyside and Cheshire) and Gateshead College (North East) – tuned in for the 40-minute session.

It used Driscoll’s shadow boxing drills (day three) as the theme for the work-out, meaning boxers had to consider opponents who were continuously holding, taller and continually on the back foot.

The exercises were designed to challenge the boxes mentally as much as physically, getting them thinking about how to overcome certain situations in line with the AIRR principles (Adaptable, Robust, Resilient and Resilient).

After each, the coaches invited participants to share how they felt they could best solve the problems put to them.

At the same time, the session acted as a great way for the boxers to stay active, which Sport England are encouraging through its national #StayInWorkOut campaign.

“There are some fantastic boxers on the DiSE programme and it is great to be able to work with them, even though we can’t all meet up face to face at the moment,” said Driscoll.

“We had some great input from them. They showed really good initiative and that they can think on their feet.”

It is hoped it will be the first of regular sessions during the Coronavirus outbreak, which has put regular boxing and educational learning on hold.

The DiSE programme is aimed at teenage boxers who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence in boxing, but who are keen to continue their education at the same time.

It allows elite and aspiring boxers aged 16 to 19 to train full-time in boxing while gaining qualifications at that can benefit them outside of the ring.

The programme, delivered over a period of two years, offers a combination of educational opportunities and high-performance boxing training, where students can earn qualifications for their boxing development.

If you require further details as a potential student or parent, contact, in the first instance, adam.haniver@gbmc.ac.uk. You can also find out more here.