Shadow boxing drills with Mick Driscoll

March 24, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing Performance Coach Mick Driscoll and fellow England Talent coaches are putting together weekly shadow boxing drills that can be used to help keep fit at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With clubs and gyms across the country having been now instructed to close their doors until further notice, these regular sessions will help maintain sharpness while regular training is on hold.

“A lot of boxers of all ages have been training hard over the winter and we don’t want to let their efforts go to waste during this unfortunate and enforced period of club inactivity,” said Driscoll.

“These exercises are designed to help boxers stay strong and practise outside of their comfort zone. Be Adaptable, be Independent, be Robust, be Resilient; be AIRR with England Boxing.

“It’s always better to practise with purpose, have a clear focus and make it real, learn and have the ability to reflect and get better.”

Recommended exercise durations

3x3mins for Youth and Elite boxers.

3x2mins for Juniors boxers.

3×1.5mins Schools boxers.


Day 1:

You are boxing…

Smaller opponent who is a counter puncher

Aggressive opponent who boxes on the front foot

Boxer who is switch hitter


Day 2:

Straight shots and defences only

Bent arm shots only

Both straight and bent arm shots (change every 20 secs)


Day 3:

You are boxing…

Southpaw who is right-handed

Taller front foot boxer who is aggressive and a counter puncher

Back foot counter puncher with a strong rear hand


Day 4:

Box your last fight

Relive the hardest bout you have had so far

You are boxing for a Olympic Gold


Questions/things to ask yourself

  • How do you apply your style to each situation?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Think about ring craft, position, shape, tempo, range, balance
  • Set up and share your own themes

A new five-day schedule of shadow boxing drills will be posted next week.


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