Shadow Boxing drills with Mick Driscoll – week two

March 30, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


England Boxing Performance Coach Mick Driscoll and fellow England Talent coaches are putting together weekly shadow boxing drills that can be used to help keep fit at home during the Coronavirus pandemic – and here are week two’s drills.

With clubs and gyms across the country having been now instructed to close their doors until further notice, these regular sessions will help maintain sharpness while regular training is on hold.

“A lot of boxers of all ages have been training hard over the winter and we don’t want to let their efforts go to waste during this unfortunate and enforced period of club inactivity,” said Driscoll.

“These exercises are designed to help boxers stay strong and practise outside of their comfort zone. Be Adaptable, be Independent, be Robust, be Resilient; be AIRR with England Boxing.”

By using these drills, boxers are doing this at their own risk and must ensure they have adequate and non-slip floor space in which to participate. They must also have no health concerns.

Recommended exercise durations

3x3mins for Youth and Elite boxers.

3x2mins for Juniors boxers.

3×1.5mins Schools boxers.

Day 1

Tempo. All shots thrown must be combinations with no single shots. Maintain Balance, range, ring awareness and  shape.

R1: 20 secs high tempo – 10 sec rest… hands high in boxing stance

R2: 15 secs high tempo – 10 sec rest… hands high in boxing stance

R3: 10 secs high tempo  – 10 sec rest… hands high in boxing stance

Day 2

R1: Any hand defence or faint …then counter with a 2-3 punch combination

R2: Any hand, trunk defence or faint .. then counter with a 2-3 punch combination

R3: Any hand, trunk, foot defence or faint…then counter a 2-3 punch combination

Day 3

R1:  Your opponent is continuously holding and hitting you…how do you deal with this style

R2: Your opponent is much taller than you and is continuously pushing your head down… how do you deal with this style

R3:  Your opponent likes to move continuously on the back foot and rushing forward when attacking in a straight line…how do you deal with this style

Day 4

R1: Any 2-3  punch combo but finish with a power shot

R2: Any 2-3 punch combo but you must change the angle

R3: Any 2-3 punch combo but you must switch attack

Day 5

R1: Box any style of opponent you like, but you must command the centre of the ring

R2: Throw any 3-5 punch combination, but you must include a Bolo or body shot

R3: Defence is key, as you are winning the bout and the aim is not to trade with opponent

Questions/things to ask yourself

  • How do you apply your style to each situation?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Think about ring craft, position, shape, tempo, range, balance
  • Set up and share your own themes

A new five-day schedule of shadow boxing drills will be posted next week.

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