Tackling Inequalities Fund: how we’ve benefited – Marden ABC

September 15, 2020 | by Matt Halfpenny


It’s been a tough time for a number of clubs during the Coronavirus lockdown, so the Sport England-funded Tackling Inequalities Fund has been a huge help for the likes of Marden ABC, who have accessed a welcome grant through it, as England Boxing’s Club Support Officer for Tyne, Tees and Wear, Laura Sargeant, explains.

Becoming Covid-ready

The emergence of COVID_19 during the course of 2020d continues to create many uncertainties, particularly for sports clubs that are not-for-profit, where opportunities for external funding to cover overheads and mandatory bills has been limited.

The support offered through the Tackling Inequalities Fund, however, has allowed Marden ABC to be Covid-ready and offer a safe training environment for members and ensuring they are able to adhere to England Boxing and government guidelines.

Going cashless

Marden received funding which would allow them to move their payment options cashless using an online payment app and booking system.

This has taken a lot of pressure off volunteers as now all payments and attendees can be managed in one place with no human interaction needed.

The funding has also allowed for the purchase of a tablet, so all coaches could access the platform.

The next steps of this will be the creation of a card payment option and a club website, which will be integrated into the app and will be a permanent fixture post-Covid restrictions.

Checks and cleaning

Temperature checks can now be carried out with new tools, again allowing for additional safety.

Cleaning products have been purchased to assist the daily deep clean of the facility and give extra peace of mind to gym attendees and their parents.

New gloves have been purchased allowing for old equipment to be replaced in readiness for dual use when restrictions are relaxed.

‘A positive impact of mental health’

Dean Preston, Head coach of Marden ABC said: “I can’t thank Sport England enough for the funding we received. We are a small club and are dependent on members attending to allow us to survive and develop, so being able to keep them safe was imperative.

“We are located close to many areas of deprivation and young people who suffer from social and behavioural disabilities, so having a safe place to continue training has been a positive impact on their mental health.”

About the Tackling Inequalities Fund

Marden ABC is one of more than 65 clubs in some of the country’s most deprived communities to which England Boxing has distributed £150,000 from the Tackling Inequalities Fund, funded by Sport England. All clubs given grants had either received no other funding, or were in a critical situation where other funds had been exhausted.

You can find out more by clicking here, or contact the England Boxing Club Support Officer in your region.