Extra £5m for Sport England’s Return to Play: Active Together Fund

September 13, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


An extra £5m has been allocated to Sport England’s Return to Play: Active Together Fund, its partnership match funding scheme with Crowdfunder.

The initiative has been a huge success since launching in May 2020 with an initial £2.5m of investment that has supported 488 campaigns to date, with the overwhelming majority (99%) of them reaching their target.

Clubs and organisations across England have benefited – almost 50 sports in total, including boxing –  with an ongoing focus on harder to reach audiences.

It has seen  an ‘amplification’ figure of £2.07, which means that for every £1 that we have invested, a further £2.07 is being raised by the crowd alone, effectively trebling the funding.

Sport England’s average pledge is £5,125, with the average raise from the crowd at £10,597, meaning, on average, each campaign is achieving a raise of £15,722.

Other +Extra Funders are also supporting campaigns and there is a full list of other available funds here.

Feedback suggests many other benefits, aside from the amounts raised, including:

  • A stronger sense of place and visibility within a community
  • Increases in membership and volunteers, post lockdown
  • New or renewed business connections and sponsorships
  • Improved skills in things like social media, marketing, content writing, creating video and fundraising
  • A greater awareness to members within clubs in particular, of the financial burdens of running a successful club
  • An increase in morale during what has been a very difficult 18 months.

You can find out more about how to apply by clicking here.