Can your club win the England Boxing Strava Running Challenge team event?

February 25, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


Can your club punch its way to the top of our leaderboard to be crowned the country’s top team in our latest England Boxing’s Strava Running Challenge mini-challenge?

After a series of hard-fought individual mini-challenges over cumulative distance, 1k, 3k and 5k, it’s now time for strength in numbers to have a say.

Quite simply, we want to see which club can clock up the most collective miles through its members’ runs over the course of a week.

As the saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in team, so you will need rally your club-mates to ensure they do their bit!

Of course, the more a club’s members join in, the better their chances, but you will need to have at least three competing members to qualify for the challenge.

To enter, a team must email their results to matt.halfpenny@englandboxing, or WhatsApp them via 07885 283708, which must incorporate a screenshot of their own club page summary (please note this can only be accessed via mobiles, not laptops), as well as a screenshot of their club leaderboard.

If the leaderboard will not fit on one screenshot, please submit as many screenshots as is necessary to cover the full leaderboard, therefore evidencing your team’s running.

You can see examples of how it should look below, including collective and individual team member distances.

This mini-challenge will run for two separate weeks of seven days’ duration, firstly from 1st to 7th March, then 8th to 14th March.

To count, results must be received no later than 12noon on the Monday following the conclusion of the week’s challenge on Sunday evening.

The top teams on each occasion will get a shout out on the England Boxing website and social media.

Please bear in mind…

Please note that club coaches and officials who set up and monitor their club’s activities should monitor the activities of under-18s and ensure those taking part do not push themselves beyond their running capabilities, while also getting the necessary rest.

Runs should be done either individually, with members of the same household (such as sisters Jocelyn and Eden Kilkenny of East Middlesbrough ABC, above), or in groups of no more than two people who must remain socially-distanced, in line with current government lockdown rules.

Creating a club page

If you don’t currently have a team page for your club on Strava, you can set one up by joining Strava as an individual user and then going to Explore-Clubs-Create Club (please note this must be done on laptop, not mobile).

You can then invite individuals to join that club, who can also apply to join the relevant England Boxing Strava Running Challenge category using the information below.

How to join the England Boxing club categories

To join in with the England Boxing Strava Running Challenge 2021, first sign up to Strava at, if you haven’t already.

Then head over to the relevant group to complete your registration. Runs will automatically be logged in the challenge once you are registered:

Schools boxers –

Junior boxers –

Youth boxers –

Senior boxers –

Coaches and Non-boxers –

Please state your club and position on your Strava profile. For example, put ‘Army boxer’, ‘Steel City Coach’, ‘Aberfeldy Welfare Officer’ or ‘Wearmouth Administrator’. If you are an official with no specific club, please state your region and role, such as ‘Eastern Counties Judge’.

Should you have any problems with registering, please email:

Key Information

Important: Please note that boxers and participants taking part are doing so their own risk and must ensure they have adequate footwear and clothing and no injury or health concerns.

It is recommended that participants do not to run alone in the dark or in adverse weather (such as snow or ice) and parents and coaches are requested to monitor the activity of under 18s and ensure that those taking part do not push themselves beyond their running capabilities, while also giving themselves adequate rest. Adults should also be careful to run within their limits and rest when appropriate.

You can also post pics that you’d like to share of you running in your England gear on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels using the hashtag #EBStravaChallenge.