Team England squad confirmed for GB Elite Three Nations 2023

May 18, 2023 | by Matt Halfpenny


The Team England squad to take on Scotland and Wales at the GB Elite Three Nations 2023 can now be announced.

The event will be held at the Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham on Saturday 27th May (semi-finals) and Sunday 28th May (Finals).

As host nation, England are permitted to select two boxers in each weight category.

The team has been selected from the winners and runners-up at the recent England Boxing National Amateur Championships 2023.

If a boxer is not available to participate, then the third/fourth place boxer in that category has been selected.

The GB Schools and GB Junior and Youth Three Nations 2023 will take place in June.

More details on the GB Three Nations 2023, can be found in the Key Info Circular by clicking here.

England’s GB Elite Three Nations squad


Under 48kg – Ella Harris (LCB), Tayla Rushton (Box Smart Elite); Under 50kg – Maddie Gittins (St Paul’s), Terri Naylor (Limehouse); Under 52kg – Rhea Kanu (Halton Riverside), Abbie McKay (Derby Lane); Under 54kg – Lauran Lang (Bad Boyz), Beth Walsh (Training Cave); Under 57kg – Vivien Parsons (Afewee), Zehra Gozen (Eastbourne); Under 60kg – Lucy Kings-Wheatley (Acocks Green), Alex Bryant (Trowbridge); Under 63kg – Terri Stuart (British Army), Michelle Cox (M31); Under 66kg – Dione Burman (Braunstone GG), Sophie Colebourn (Royal Navy); Under 70kg – Kayla Allen (Hoddesdon), Lucy Kisielewska (British Army); Under 75kg – Jerry-Lee Palmer (British Army), Mary-Kate Smith (Telford); 81+kg – Grace Buckle (Miguel’s), Demi Uscroft (Tommy Coyle).


Under 48kg – Bilal Siddique (Karmand BC), Reece Readshaw (Phil Thomas); Under 51kg – Hamza Uddin (Fearless), Hassan Abu (Earlsfield); Under 54kg – Blair Munhezi (Powerday Hooks); Kurt Wiggins (Salisbury); Under 57kg – Josh Babb (Ward Degnan’s), Edward Hardy (Highfields); Under 60kg – Cameron Vuong (Birtley), Dettori Brown (Hoddesdon); Under 63.5kg – Cameron McKay (White Hart Lane), Amali Davis (Baker Street); Under 67kg – Huey Malone (Christ The King), Ram Singh (Limehouse); Under 71kg – Callum Makin (Rotunda), Mason Payne (Ropes and Glory); Under 75kg – Jimmy Sains (Repton), Stephen Clarke (Rotunda); Under 80kg – Oladimeji Shittu (Five Star), Lucas Roehrig (Dale Youth); Under 86kg – Issac Okoh (Dagenham), Adam Olaore (Empire SoB); Under 92kg – Tino Bellot  (Dale Youth), Joshua Antonio (Kent Gloves); 92+kg – Gideon Antwi (Hoddesdon), Arlo Stephens (York).

Coaching Team

Amanda Coulson, Jason Gledhill, Andy Marksby, Phil Knight, Carl Ellis, Rhuari Kane, Steve Bryant, Laura Sargeant, Ricardo Williams.